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A review of the film Titanic

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´╗┐Titanic Review. Titanic is a film that is notable for many reasons. With a budget of over $200 million, it is one of the most expensive movies ever made and in fact is the most expensive movie of the 20th century. It has grossed over $1 billion worldwide at the box office, making it one of the highest grossing films of all time. It received 14 Academy Award nominations and won 11 of them, including Best Picture of 1997 and Best Song for Celine Dion performing "My Heart Will Go On." It's an impressive set of statistics. What ultimately makes it possible is how it falls in the class of masterpiece films. ...read more.


From there, Kate Winslet plays the part of young Rose. Also entering the picture is Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack, a young poor man with a gift in the arts. He and Rose meet unexpectedly and gradually fall in love. It's nothing original, but the directing is superb. You really get to know both characters and want them to be together. A romance like this needs conflict for it to be interesting. There is certainly plenty of it. It comes in the form of Rose's fiancé Cal and the class differences between her and Jack. I love the romantic tale in this film, but what deserves more detailed mentioning is the special effects. ...read more.


As you would expect, this is a film that is romantic and suspenseful, whether separately or simultaneously. On the surface, it seems like two different films glued together in the middle, but they are really one and the same in the second half. It was an amazing film experience. It is one of those film epics that you cannot take your eyes off of. The best way to conclude this review is to mention the director. James Cameron, known for directing The Terminator and The Abyss, brings similar movie magic into Titanic but adds an equal touch of romance, something I never expected out of this director. The result is a film that he could be truly proud of and fans could enjoy over and over again. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

The film clearly appealed to the writer and they seem fairly passionate in their review; however the response is far too brief and under developed. The review should have explored the choices of the director in far more detail and considered how and why certain effects were created. There should also have been further exploration of characters and relationships.

3 Stars

3 Stars

Marked by teacher Laura Gater 05/09/2013

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