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A Revolution In Itself

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A revolution is life changing, something drastic, extreme, and sometimes opportunistic. A revolution is instant, quick, and possibly permanent. A revolution can be a mental or a physical change. Revolution is visual kei, and it is the embodiment and the very definition of revolution. Think Marilyn Manson, cross bred with KISS, wearing frills or leather, showered with glitter, and bombarded with creative colors. In a physical state, visual kei is a musical style and fashion statement. It had originated from Japan in 1999 when X-Japan was cited as the first visual kei band to be recognized in public. Some can compare it to KISS, but visual kei was different, in terms of clothing style. In a mental state, visual kei presents art with melody and innocence with death, creating a harmonious mixture that intoxicates and intrigues. For others, visual kei was a melody, to me; it was the spark of a revolution. Freshman year was ending, another monotonous kind of year passed and I was bored, I had no time for fun, I was always at home working on homework and being only fourteen at the time, I couldn't really go anywhere by myself. I was hidden, no one knew me much, I had a few friends and I dreaded making new ones, fearing rejection. I was not improving as a person. My realization that freshman year ended without much made me remember my year book from middle school and all the signatures from friends. ...read more.


She clicked on a Wikipedia page and I cringed at first. What was wrong with the way this guy looked? He was pink! Pink hat, pink shirt, pink pants, pick shoes, and... pink make-up?! Was this even a guy? It was bizarre. "He's part of the visual kei movement," my friend explained. Visual kei? I googled that too and found myself drawn to it. It is an interesting notion... but should I go for it? Society pushed for a "no" my better half answered "yes". My visual kei experience started with Miyavi, and I am addicted to his music, his mannerisms, his lyrics, his voice, his philosophy. In the beginning I wondered what visual kei was and started looking into it a lot more. I learned that visual kei is most commonly viewed as a fashion and a musical style, so I was pleasantly surprised when Miyavi had called it a lifestyle. Visual kei preaches the same simple concept: to live the way you want to live your life, don't care about what other people say, think, or do. You are an important person too. The concept is shocking, and though what it presented was tantalizing and somewhat repulsive at the same time, I can't turn away from it. Can I really drop what society planned for me to become a person who lives for herself? It is a selfish concept, but for 14 years I'd been living for someone else. ...read more.


The idea of equality by taking away gender recognition is a revolutionary concept in a way that it forces equality immediately. For example, two children are given candy. One of them gets two the other gets one, naturally the child with two would be happier. By taking away all three it establishes equality between the two instantly. Visual kei is a revolution that is often passed up. Visual kei is a revolution that is ignored. Visual kei is a revolution that is overlooked. But visual kei is a revolution. It is the concept that keeps me going, the concept that taught me to have confidence, and the concept that gave me courage to be myself. For many people, society is directing them to a path that they don't want to take, but they are powerless and voiceless against it. Visual kei is what can get them out. So, when I heard that the University of Washington is creating a College Composition textbook devoted to revolutionary ideas, visual kei is what screamed at me. Not only can it changed ones outlook in life, it forces courageousness and confidence to those who need it. In itself visual kei is a strange and hard concept to grasp, but visual kei has given me something very important, and I can't imagine what my life would have been like without it. I know that in the future, it will do the same for many others. It gave me a voice and a purpose, and this... this is a good feeling. ...read more.

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