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A ride to remember.

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A ride to remember. Just for a moment I thought I was waking up from a really bad dream, but then I heard the echoey sounds of a hospital and the clinical smell. I could feel a bandage tight around my head and felt the heaviness of a plastered leg. At that point the dreadful reality clicked as I realised that yesterday wasn't a dream at all. It really had happened. I shut my eyes and thought back.... Sunday at last. Normally I wouldn't even have woken until 10am, but it was 6:30 and I was up, dressed, washed and ready to go, because it wasn't an ordinary boring nothing to do Sunday, it was the Sunday I'd been waiting for, the Sunday we went to Scream Park. Everyone else in my class had been to Scream Park except me, but I was going and nothing could go wrong. It took about three hours to get to Scream Park so mum; dad, Emma and I had to get up early to leave by seven. As usual the car journey was boring. I spent the whole time looking at the Scream park map especially planning how I was going to bribe the rest of my family to go on the biggest and best ride there, the ride that everyone talks about, Screamer. Whenever anyone talks about screamer it brings a shiver to your spine. I read the description on the leaflet: Screamer, for the thrillseekers. ...read more.


I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out! As I was totally upside down I felt my bottom lift off the seat, then seconds later it was all over. I shakily undid my belt and hobbled over to the exit feeling like I had cheated death. Now it was getting near to the end of the day. We had been on many great rides, but all of my family, including me had been avoiding Screamer. As we walked past the huge ride, I realised this was my last chance to go on the best ride and be a 'hero' at school, especially as Michelle, the most popular girl in the year hadn't gone on it. I turned to mum and asked, "are we going on Screamer then?" "Um, well, I thought we were going to leave that one for today darling" mum said unenthusiastically. "No we weren't," I said. "We have to go on it. Just look at it!" We looked up at The Screamer. It was at least three times taller than all the other rides. It had big brown posts holding up the base and the people coming off were soaking wet. "Emma isn't tall enough and we can't leave her on her own," dad said with a look in his face, which meant don't keep on. "Please, here is always someone at the end of the queue to look after Emma." ...read more.


A few seconds later we started to chug up the rails to the very top. Now there was no turning back! We were almost tilting on the top, when there was an almighty crunch and everything came to a grinding halt. The lights around the park went off like a Mexican wave. We were left, mum, dad, and myself, in total darkness with nothing but an eerie breeze brushing against our cheeks in the still of the night. It seemed like hours before we heard the voices of the staff from Scream Park. They were saying that we should all move to the back of our carriage as anything could happen if we tipped over the edge. They said this several times until I realised that I was at the front. The staff were telling me what to do, but I didn't have time to think. All I knew was that I some how I had to stand up, step over the seats and sit with my mum and dad. Everything was down to me. Slowly, and steadily, I turned to reach for my mum's hand. I couldn't see her face, just her hair swaying in the breeze and the outline of her face. I touched her hand and slowly tried to move backwards, then I lost my balance and everything went black. "Kate, Kate, how are you feeling?" I opened my eyes to see a nurse bending over me. "I can't believe all that happened just yesterday," I said shivering. "Yesterday?" said the nurse; "You've been in a coma for three weeks." ...read more.

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