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A* Room 101 speech -adverts and spitting.

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´╗┐Have you had enough of injury lawyers? telling you help is on the way? Are you tired of cheesy adverts that make you cringe ? Do you think it?s time to put an end to those irritating slogans and songs that are constantly getting stuck in your head? If so, we can all agree that adverts should be put into room 101. Like me, I?m sure that most of you all watch quite a lot of TV. But does it not anger you that, just because we decide to watch a variety of entertaining programmes on ITV and Channel 4, we are unfortunate victims of ridiculous advertisements and catchphrases every ten minutes when it?s time for the so called break?! ...read more.


This song not only sticks in your head, but makes you twitch for how bad it is. The thrill you once had quickly turns to anger, as you feel ready to throw your television screen out the window. However its not just these 2 adverts. There are hundreds and hundreds of other irritating commercials. It has also been statistically been proven that 94% do not pay any attention to T.V adverts. This more evidence to why adverts should be banished to the darkest corner of room 101. The second thing I want to put in room 101 is ?spitting? as it really is shameful, shocking and stupid. ...read more.


Children spitting everywhere is not something you look for in a sunday football team, they somehow think it enhances their football skills. One of the worst things possible people can do is to spit in peoples food they have ordered. This completely baffles me for why anyone would be so stupid and inconsiderate to spit and ruin someones meal. This is highly unacceptable and inhuman. It is reported that 32% of fast food workers spit in the food served. This is an utter disgrace and the % would be brought down to 0 if spitting was sent to room 101. spitting is disgusting, and unacceptable . So please put spitting in room 101 as it really is a horrible habit. ...read more.

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