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A Seductive Encounter.

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A Seductive Encounter By Stephanie Drew This passage occurs in the middle of the novel. Sophie fell headfirst onto the busy street. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Michael running towards her. As he drew nearer, she noticed his athletic body, and his dark, windswept hair. He was the type of man Sophie had continuously dreamed about. "It's all right," he whispered softly into her ear, as he helped her up. "You're OK." He sat her carefully down on a nearby bench and stared into her eyes. She met his gaze and she could feel his powerful blue eyes melting her insides, like ice cream on a blazing summer's day. She wanted to speak, to utter her thanks to him for helping her in her moment of total humiliation, but when she opened her mouth to speak, the words would not come. ...read more.


Sophie sighed in disbelief. "Wow," she muttered in incredulity. "This is truly spectacular. I've never seen anything as stunning as this before." Michael leaned gradually towards her, to gaze into her deep, mystifying brown eyes once again. "Would you care to dance?" he enquired. "To think that I would deny such an offer," she replied. Michael took Sophie by the hand and led her to a large open space in the park. There they promenaded under the glittering stars for what Sophie felt must have been hours. A cool breeze swept across Sophie's dazzling, youthful face. She shivered. Michael pulled her closer yet and Sophie could feel his warm, strong body against hers. Into her ear he whispered, "Do you believe in true love?" "Oh yes," she responded, sighing. * * * Sophie could not concentrate. ...read more.


"No...he...just asked for you," she answered, "although, he did say it was somewhat of an emergency." The sound of bubbles reached Sophie's ears. She swiftly turned, glancing at the water cooler. She looked at the surface of the container. All of a sudden, she was back in Michael's arms, with the moonlight gently reflecting off the cool surface of the water, the ripples curving towards the edge of the lake. A polite cough snapped her back to the reality of the dreary office. She saw a striking, dark haired man. The receptionist seemed to be having difficulty concentrating. "Dad?" she said, startled, "What are you doing here?" What was going on? Where was her beloved Michael? Why wasn't he here now? She had been sure that when Julia mentioned the handsome man that there could only ever be one. She certainly hadn't expected it to be her father. 653 words Zoe Andrews Page 1 05/05/2007 ...read more.

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