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A Sense Of Place

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Sasha Campbell English Coursework 21/11/03 A Sense Of Place The sun shone through the roof of leaves, creating a mottled pattern of light and shadow on the floor. The air in the passageway hung with the fresh smell of leaves and the sugary aroma of flowers. This place was alive with animals in its branches but the only sound was the whispering of the leaves. The bushes that formed walls were overgrown and were forming a thin roof that trapped the light. That passageway led to another and that to another, until one was lost in the labyrinth of leaves. Suddenly a burst of claws scrabbling against the branches and the crunch of dry leaves echoed down the passageway. ...read more.


She grabbed the little girls hand and swivelled her round, snapping her out of whatever gaze she had fixed upon. The little girl closed her mouth and looked at the woman fearfully. "I'm sorry mother, I just wanted to see." The woman interrupted her in mid speech, she spoke quickly and without tolerance. "I don not care if you wanted to see Madeline, you will ruin your dress. We are leaving." She pulled the little girl away towards the exit, as she did the child looked behind her longingly and trailed her fingers along the wall of leaves. "Come on Madeline, ladies do not stay in the garden, they stay inside and sew or bake. ...read more.


"No, no, no, you cannot. For one thing you do not have suitable attire to go and play in that filthy place and I did not move here to let you play in that ghastly thing. If I thought that was going to happen I would have had it cut down before you laid eyes on it." She was growing more thunderous by the minute. "I understand mother, I'm sorry." As darkness swept over the sky and stars began to appear, the animals settled in the bushes. The wind died and the moon's shafts of light crept through the roof of leaves in the garden. The stately house and its greens were bathed in its milky light. The only movement was that of a small girl in her nightgown climbing out of an open window and the dim glow of candlelight visible from within. ...read more.

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