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A sensitive father who is a tyrannical with Caliban and Ferdinand. How far do you agree with this statement?

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The Tempest Oral Assignment A sensitive father who is a tyrannical with Caliban and Ferdinand. How far do you agree with this statement? I thoroughly agree with the statement. Prospero has a close and understanding relationship with Miranda. I believe that they understand each other to an extent; this initiates a certain amount of trust between them quote. Although Miranda questions her father's decisions, ultimately she trusts his choices and is easily led to believe by Prospero that whatever he is doing is merciful, morally correct and is in her best interests. I believe that Prospero truly believes that, and that what he is dong is best for his daughter. Prospero always tries to protect Miranda even if it means leading her to believe that a situation is more acceptable than it really is 'So safely ordered, that there is no soul'. He sees Miranda as his 'cherubin'. Therefore we are led to believe that Miranda is his metaphorical guardian angel. It was her that possibly saved Prospero and gave him the power and opportunities that he has today 'Thou wast that did preserve me'. ...read more.


Although Prospero treats Caliban as his slave, Prospero takes the authority to another level of ruthlessness. Caliban is seen as inferior and something that isn't worthy of any consideration or adequate treatment. To Prospero, Caliban doesn't deserve treatment of that of a human. We can see this because of the way that Prospero treats his other slave Ariel. Although Prospero treats Ariel as his slave, he has a greater level of concern and admiration for him 'But are they, Ariel, safe?'. Therefore it is apparent that Prospero sees Caliban as nothing more than an undeserving brute. However I believe that Prospero would certainly not have this authority over Caliban if it were not for his powers 'I'll rack thee with old cramps'. The island that Prospero now claims as his could be just as much Caliban's as it was him who was the first on the island and before Prospero arrived, he was the only one there and therefore he was never told what to do. The theme of colonialism and the idea that Prospero discovered the island is one of the reasons that Prospero bullies Caliban. ...read more.


However can we believe that he is truly evil; as it is clear that Prospero has a great love for Miranda and eventually takes her thoughts and feelings into consideration. We could debate that Prospero is now used to the idea of being in control of anyone who sets foot on his island. This is due to the fact that when he arrived, the only sign of human life was a creature, which in his eyes was an uncivilised beast that attempted to rape his daughter. So can we sympathise with him for acting this way or should we empathize with those who he controls and mistreats such as Caliban, Ariel and Ferdinand. Evidently I agree with the statement and believe that although Prospero is a tyrannical with Caliban and Ferdinand, he loves his daughter and in my view, exceptions can be made for his behaviour. However Caliban and Ferdinand deserve more respect due to the fact that they act within their instincts and characteristics of which they have no control over. Coincidently Prospero also has his own views and instincts on issues such as power and control over, what he believes to be, his own island. Laura Kay ...read more.

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