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A ShortStory Based On : Conrades an Eposode.

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A SHORT STORY BASED ON : CONRADES AN EPOSODE. I knew that it was coming, the day I had been dreading. Everyone was saying that it was great, time we taught those Germans a lesson and that we had a duty to do for our country. But I was different. I knew what it was going to be like but whenever I tried to speak out no one listened and said that I was a coward. May be it was true I didn't want to die. I packed up my stuff it had been eight days since I had received the letter informing me that I had to go to war. I had no choice. I had to go. I thought I would be better off just killing my self right now. I had no hope in war. Just look at me 5 feet 2" and weighing just 8 stones. What good will I be in the Great War? I said an emotional farewell to my family my mum especially I had always been closest to her. My Dad had always thought of me as a "no hoper". He was big and strong nothing like me all he said was "good luck" with a firm handshake. ...read more.


The journey was only going to be 2 hours so it wasn't that bad but it was really uncomfortable. We arrived at Shrewsbury dock at 4 minutes past seven. Our so-called "ferry" was to leave at seven thirty. It was more of a raft than a proper boat made out of iron with a small sheltered area with a little engine only capable of a top speed of 8 knots. We were told that we couldn't travel in anything to big, as it was too DANGEROUS because we ran the risk of being bombed. I thought it would still be pretty easy to see 32 boats crossing the English channel but that was the reason we had to go at a time of low light ready to be there at noon so we could fight straight away. The crossing was rough but not quite as bad as I had expected. We arrived at a small naval port in west Normandy there were only a few other men waiting our arrival but they did let of a small cheer to make us feel welcome which was enough for me. We unloaded and received our equipment it was so heavy I could hardly stand up. But the worst of it was still to come we had to march 6 miles with our equipment to get used to the weight and the amount of walking that was to come in the future. ...read more.


We were both injured and could do nothing to help our country. All I was happy about was that I had managed to save my friend he said he owed every thing to me and promised to look after me for as long as he could. I was sedated for the crossing to stop pain and discomfort I thought back 16 weeks ago when I was on my way to France not on the way back in a wheel chair. We arrived earlier than expected and my parents were not there yet it wasn't long until they arrived and were shocked when they saw me. Tim went over and explained what had happened and how I was a hero in his and everyone else's eyes. My Dad came over and said, " I'm proud of you my son" This was the first time he had ever said anything like that to me. I went home to a hero's welcome, totally unexpected every one in the town lined the streets to cheer me home. They thought of me as someone special who gave his ability to walk to save another persons life. That's not the end of it I was even given a bravery award presented to me by Her Majesty the Queen. But if anyone asks I would do the same again to save my best and only friend Tim. JAMES DAY 10T Printed by ... 10/05/07 ...read more.

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