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A Sons Plight

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A Son's Plight Dam, missed the bus, why is everyone staring at me? Here comes the bus, is this the right bus? Yep, this is the one, why are old people getting on this bus and kids? Ah forgot my oyster. I'll try to sneak on but it'll be hard with this huge back pack, what about if there's police on the bus? What about if the bus driver doesn't let me on? What about if it doesn't work, my hands are sweating, the bus is here, phew. Should I go upstairs or should I stay downstairs, why is everyone staring at me? Upstairs would be better there are less people upstairs, that are a great seat, wait a second what the hell I'm I doing? Should I be doing this? What about if it doesn't work? What if... Ring, Ring, the phone went on forever I tried to avoid it because I knew what it was about, as I rummage through my side bag, I gasp the phone and click the answer button. "Hello who's this?" "Umar it is time" said a deep voice on the phone "But there are kids and old people on the bus!" "Umar be strong, God will be proud of you" again said the deep voice Beep, beep, beep He is right God has promised me paradise, and then unexpectedly I hear hissing sound coming from my enormous rack-sac, I hesitate, I then smell a sharp metal smell again coming from my bag. ...read more.


"Oi hurry up were going to miss the film" shouted his friend "Yeah alright calm down mum took ages to leave, come on lets go were going to miss the bus" As I and his Michel leave the school gates, I realises that I have forgotten my oyster at home; we then decided to take the 25 bus. "Come on you fool. The bus is here. Cross the road. Hurry up!" As I am about to cross the main road police vans soar past, making its typical sound, frightening, I was lucky I didn't get run over, it missed me by an inch, we waited at the bus stop for a little while, once we are on the bus it took around ten minutes to get there, we arrive at the cinema. "That took bloody ages come on hurry up were going to miss the film the best bit is the beginning. Come on give the lady five pounds hurry up order some toffee popcorn". As the lady at the till gives us our tickets we dash of to screen two, we then find two empty seats at the back of the hall. "Shut up man!" shouted Michel "Calm down, listen I think we should go, we're going to be late for school. Mum's going to pick me up at the school gates at 3; 30, she'll go wild if I'm not there." ...read more.


he shouted I whispered to myself gently that's where we were, that's why there were so many people near the cinema, that's why the buses were closed. The lesson finishes, I meet up with Michel at the school gates. Michel at this time looks like he had just seen a ghost. "Did you hear about what has happened today?" "Yeah there's been a terrorist bombing on the bus where we were in the morning" said his friend. "Anyways, have to go, see you tomorrow, mum's here." As my mum opens the boot of the car I put my school bag in it, I then gets in the car. "Mum did you hear what happened?" "Yeah, sad isn't it" his mum said unhappily "Yeah, life must go on isn't it?" "Yeah, I suppose so" said his mum As we enter the house my mum puts the house keys on the table; she realises that Mohammed, my dad, has forgotten his oyster. I think to myself my dad never does this; he never forgets his oyster, why today? "Mum look, the news is on; they're talking about the bombing" "Breaking news: there has been a terrorist attack in East London today on Beckon High Street. A 46 bus shattered to pieces after a nail bomb exploded. 37 people have died. 21 have been seriously wounded and have been sent to hospital. Forensic scientists have identified the bomber. His name was Mohammed Umar. ?? ?? ?? ?? Obeadur Rahman English coursework. ...read more.

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