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A special place.

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A special place I feel so alone, lost and isolated. Nowhere warm to go, No one to talk to. My heart felt like winter. Moving to a new home caused all this trouble. Everything was new and strange to me. The newly refurnished house, the school, the environment and even my room were bizarre to me. To make things even worse I could hear the screams and shouts of my parents. They had started arguing since we moved to the new house. Today was just no exception. I cold hear mum's cry out about " where is the French vessel." Dad would yell back " I don't know." ...read more.


I just couldn't believe what I saw, a paradise! The smell of fragrance wafted through the air. I took a deep breath. Then I trotted along to the place. There was a small lake. It was surrounded by oak trees and blooming flowers. The lake itself was fantastic. The water was so clear that I could see my own reflection illuminated on the water. It was the most beautiful, tranquil and harmonious picture I had ever seen in my entire life. It looked so calm and I felt as if I was in heaven. I lay back on the mossy grassy bank and closed my eyes. ...read more.


Mum and dad listened to my suggestion and wanted to see the supernatural place. I was amazed. I thought maybe they were curious about the place or maybe they realised that the arguments couldn't continue as before. They wanted to do something about it. Maybe? That day I led them to the place. As they entered the paradise, they were stunned by the views. They immediately fell in love with the place. Thereafter, Mum and Dad frequently went to the place. Gradually they argued less and less. Soon the place became our family's best friend and best healer. Slowly we got used to the new place. I met new friends and my heart was not lonely anymore. The place was so special and important that I could never forget it. After all the place brought happiness's to all of us! ...read more.

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