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A Speech on Leadership

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´╗┐What do you think leadership is? I believe that leadership or being a leader is not about being the best at something, or the one that is most popular, but I believe that a leader is someone who can motivate a group of people so they all could achieve a common goal. Leadership may feel unimportant for most of you guys but I think it is important. Leaders show dedication, ambition, courage, honesty, confidence and compassion. We all need this in our daily life. Dedication is always needed in everything you do. You have to do things whole heartedly for best results. ...read more.


Show confidence: don?t hesitate to speak your mind and express your thoughts, feelings and opinions to others. I think the most important trait for a leader is compassion. A leader can always relate to its followers, and a leader is always there to ease tensions. We are all humans after all. A good leader does not abuse the power that was placed under him. He understands his members and tries to improve everybody. As a good leader, you must not let yourself be taken advantage of, but you should make others want to work to their maximum potential. If you find that others around you may be needing help or guidance, offer your helping hand and do what you can to assist them. ...read more.


I helped him along the way, and we managed to finish it on time with quality. Being in the SRC, I was assigned as a level head for my grade year. Why? Because when I was younger, I grabbed out nearly every opportunity, leadership related or not. In every single thing you do, you will make use of all these skills whether you realize it or not. When the chance of leadership comes to you, be sure to take hold of it. Leadership is not a skill you learn overnight, and you will need it in the future. Do yourselves a favor, and get as much leading experience starting from now on. And it can be further expanded as we grew older. ...read more.

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