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A Stench of Kerosene and Country Lovers demonstrate cultural pressures in different parts of the world.

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Both A Stench of Kerosene and Country Lovers demonstrate cultural pressures in different parts of the world. A Stench of Kerosene is set most probably in India. The main plot of the story, which involves Manak, his Mother, his second wife, his first wife Guleri and his friend Bhavani, is that Guleri leaves Manak to visit her parents, and whilst there, Manak's mother introduces a second wife to Manak, and she becomes pregnant, without Guleri knowing, and when she finds out, she commits suicide by burning herself with kerosene, and when the baby finally arrives, Manak won't have anything to do with it. In India, it is common practice to have a few children, and when Manak is unable to have a child with Guleri, the mother wants to make sure that the family sticks to the traditions of having some children. ...read more.


Manak wants to make sure he is a good son to his parents. Throughout the story, his key traits are that he loved Guleri but was unable to show his emotions to her, and as is also very respectful to his mother which is shown not only by not replying when she called him a woman, but also when she introduced him to the second wife and even then respected her wishes. This shows the importance of culture in India. Another story which expresses the cultural pressures people face is Country Lovers which is set n South Africa during the time of apartheid. This story involves Paulus, Njabulo, Thebedi and the baby. The main story is that Paulus, a white boy and Thebedi, a black girl become very close child friends. Paulus then left and Thebedi met Njabulo, another black who fathers Thebedi's child, whose father is Paulus. ...read more.


This culture pressurised Thebedi to lie in court. Both of the stories have their main characters pressurised by culture and tradition. In A Stench of Kerosene Manak sticks to his culture and ignores his mind when he leaves Guleri for his second wife, not because he wanted to, but because of tradition and the culture and also because of the fact that he felt he had to respect his mother's wishes with no argument. This is also true in Country Lovers when Thebedi and Paulus drift apart at the beginning of their lives as their cultures are completely different, They both have to ignore their true feelings for each other, which are true love mainly because of their culture, In both of the poems, cultural pressures affected characters in both stories. ?? ?? ?? ?? Comparison of A Stench of Kerosene and Country lovers Michael Lim 10p ...read more.

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