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A Stolen Education

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Keith Mistretta February 8, 2006 Dr. Slayton A Stolen Education English 9 835 words Mark lived in a "hard part" of town and always took certain precautions leaving and entering his neighborhood. Mark was known as a goody-two-shoes, and never was seen doing anything wrong; he always had a bad side to him. He had always talked with his friends about stealing, cheating, and his long time grudges against various people. Monday had come around. After his party filled weekend, Mark left for his job at the local twenty-four hour McDonalds. Like a robot, Mark was serving up the many value meals and sodas hour after hour. He became bored on a regular basis while working, but he really needed the quick cash. Mark was about to go to college that he needed to fund due to his families monetary status. With about an hour left in his shift, Mark was handed a note, followed by a wink, from a man across the counter. Who immediately left. ...read more.


Meet me at six o'clock in the morning in three days. The details will be hashed out then." Elliot The letter made Mark a little nervous, but it was very convincing. He decided he would go to the ally later that week and find out this man's offer. He arrived at the ally with a slow nervous strut. He saw the man slouching in the back corner in a tight leather jacket. Mark approached the man and said, "What do you need me to do for you?" "I need you to steal some jewelry and money for me, I'll give you half the earnings," the man said with a cold, hard tone. Mark knew he could get in trouble, but it would be worth it in the end. He agreed and the plan was discussed and set. That night, Mark woke up at two in the morning with a jolt. ...read more.


He knew inside he felt bad about the robbery, but he really needed the money for school. Mark met up with the man who hired him, and was repeatedly told that what he did was justifiable, and he really needed the money. Mark convinced himself what he did was ok. "I did something that benefited me," thought Mark. Mark was very upset at what had happened, but he was excited with the money he quickly acquired. Mark applied for college and got in, and could pay the entire with the money he had robbed. He had convinced himself that what he did was alright; he was in college and could pay for a great education. The store had to close because of the loss, but Mark was living well and getting a new education in college. Later, when Mark was in college, he applied to an ethics course. This course taught students how to make the right choices. When his professor talked about making choices, Mark finally realized what he had done earlier in his life was wrong. ...read more.

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