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A Story with a Chance of Fate The giant anaconda wrapped its thick body around Kelsies waist.

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A Story with a Chance of Fate A Story with a Chance of Fate A Story with a Chance of Fate The giant anaconda wrapped its thick body around Kelsie?s waist. Its grip grew tighter and tighter, suffocating her every breath. The reptile turned its sinister head toward its victim and almost seemed to mock the helpless teenage girl. It green eyes stared at Kelsie with an evil twinkle, as if it took great joy in squeezing the life out of her. Kelsie was indeed helpless. She couldn?t even scream. When she tired, only a weak, frightened squeak came out of her mouth as the last few gasps of air were forced from her lungs by the merciless snake. What a way to die, Kelsie thought, closing her eyes for the last time. ?Hey, Mom!? shouted Wyatt Hagerman, bounding into the kitchen. ?I got an A on my writing assignment and ?? The fourteen-year-old boy stopped in mid-sentence when he saw a worried look on his mother?s face. ?Something?s wrong, isn?t it?? ?Your sister had a very frightening experience today. We just got back from the hospital.? ?What happened?? ?Kelsie was with her class at the science museum. They were in the reptile room, and??well, you know how bold your big sister is. They asked for a volunteer, and she naturally stepped forward. Then they took this big boa constrictor out of its cage and let her hold it.? ?It was the scariest day of my life,? declared his sixteen-year-old sister, as she walked into the room. ...read more.


Then she crawled to the driver?s seat and grabbed the reins. ?Whoa!? she yelled. ?Whoa!? But the horses paid her no attention. She yanked on the reins as hard as she could, but it was no use. Now she had another problem. A sturdy oak tree stood straight in the path of the runaway stagecoach. Kelsie tried to turn the horses to the left and the other one right. The yoke between the horses slammed against the tree. The stagecoach split right in half, spilling everyone to the ground except Kelsie who was still riding the broken other half of the wagon. She couldn?t think of anything more to do other than linger until some miracle came down and save her. About a week after he wrote it, Wyatt brought the paper home to show his mother, who always read and enjoyed everything he wrote. ?Got another A,? Wyatt announced, waving the paper in his hand. His mother who was on the phone, looked up, smiled, and mouthed, ?Congratulations? before returning to her phone conversation. When she finished, she told Wyatt, ?That was Kelsie. She?s having a great time in Colorado with her church group. They were rock climbing yesterday and went hiking this morning.? ?What a lucky ditz. She got to start her spring break three days early.? ?So, you received another A, huh?? ?Yeah, it?s a pretty good story. Lost of blood and guts and bodies flying all over.? ?Sounds gross. ...read more.


What?s he trying to do, kill me with his writing?? Wyatt quickly got on the phone. ?Kelsie, I?m really sorry. It was just another coincidence. I?ve written dozens of stories using the names of friends, and relatives, and nothing ever came true.? ?Promise me you will never, ever use my name in anything else you write.? ?I promise. In fact, I won?t use the name of anyone I know, even if it?s a sweet story where nobody gets hurt.? For the rest of the year, Wyatt stuck by his word??with one exception. He wrote a first person love story about a boy who fell in love with a girl named Zahina. She was exceptionally beautiful. Long silky brunette hair and the cutest eyes one could ever describe of. Her lips were kissably plump and tinted with a rosy hue. Her hair always blew in the wind as if it was an angel woven cloth made out of clouds, ready to drape me in its splendour. I had realised there was a sudden flutter in my heart when ever she talked to me. There was more to her, I could tell. One day I built up my courage and asked her out. ?Zahina, do you want to go out with me?? She looked at me with awe. ?I was waiting for you to ask me out. Why did you take so long?? There was a long silence and then Zahina finally nodded. In real life, Zahina happened to be the name of a girl Wyatt wanted to date. But this time, life didn?t imitate art. When Wyatt asked Zahina out, she turned him down flat. ...read more.

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