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A streetcar named desire - Blanche and Stanley.

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A streetcar named desire was written by Tennessee Williams in his mid thirties. Williams takes the audience to New Orleans where the relationship of Blanche DuBois, her sister Stella and brother illuminated. In this play Blanche, Stella and Stanley were very important and controversial because they represent a distress society by problems of class differences. This essay will point out the similarities and differences of Blanche and Stanley as well as my own impression about the characters. The first impression that I received from Blanche is that she's a very high class, intelligent, beautiful, and arrogant with aristocratic background lady. The example from the play is when Blanche was very shocked by the place that her sister is living in. Blanche is a very sensitive and emotional woman. This is shown when Stanley asked her about the boy that she has married to, her impression is suddenly changed. ...read more.


Also the fact that she likes to take a bath many times a day and she likes to dress up with cheap evening clothes make me think that she's the kind of person that is stick to her own world and doesn't want to face the real world. The impression of Stanley is that he seems to be a kind of guy that has a quick tempered, and often violent. If he orders something then that thing has to be done as he wanted it to be or said to be domineering man. When Blanche turn the radio on when Stanley was playing the poker, so Stanley ordered her to turn it off but then Blanche doesn't listen to him so he with his hot tempered throw the radio out of window. However he seems to be quite a smart person as he is protecting his wife from being tricked. ...read more.


The physically similarity between them is that they are both addicted to alcohol and they both also married. One of the differences between them is in their English. For Blanche, her English is supposed to be very good as she said she is an English teacher. But for Stanley his English is not so good both the vocabulary and his accent. This is because he's not American so he has this foreign accent and also he most of the time speak in slang. Another difference between them is that Blanche seems to have much more tragic past than Stanley. She has to see her love ones die one by one including her husband, which could be the reason for her mental problem. In conclusion, I think that both characters have their advantage and disadvantage. Blanche seems to be a woman which is very sensitive and high class and in contrast Stanley is very rough and low class. Source: www.123helpme.com ...read more.

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