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A streetcar named desire - Summery 1st scene.

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2-10-2002 N�1 ROBINSON WOLLERSHEIM A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE Summery 1st Scene: The first Scene plays in an exterior two-storey corner building in Elysian Fields, a street in New Orleans. The area is poor with a raffish charm. This building contains two flats that are owned by two women, one white, one coloured. The white woman is called EUNICE, occupying the upstairs flat. Above the flat the "blue piano" can be heard overlapping. The "blue piano" symbolises the Jazz that New Orleans is the origin of. The main characters are Stella, Stanley, Blanche and Mitch. Stella and Blanche are sisters. Stanley is a bit of a macho. ...read more.


After a short while of small talk, Blanche is exhausted and not in the mood for small talk, that she wants to be left alone and wants to see Stella. Finally, Eunice walks of to fetch Stella. Stella and Blanche greet each other with some emotion. Things start out warmly enough, but after a while, Blanche is bad-tempered. Blanche clearly dominates their relationship. Blanche was married once but because of her very special way she got divorced. The family Dubois used to be incredibly rich. However, after their father, the head of the family died, the costs for his funeral were immense, they literally lost everything. ...read more.


This is what Blanche reproaches Stella. Blanche is full of bitterness, anger, and her harshness makes Stella cry because they lost everything. While Stella goes to the bathroom to wash her face, Stanley comes home. Outside, Stanley, who clearly dominates the relationship between him and his Stella, Steve, and Mitch, who is living with his mother, plan their next poker game. Stanley enters, giving Blanche a truthful stare. They have an uncomfortable conversation. In this conversation Blanche drinks whiskey, which makes it obviously easier to express her concerns. She, however, answers to Stanley's question for some more whiskey, that she had rarely touched it. After all, she drinks another glass. Stanley is course and rough compared to the subtle Blanche, he is a very sexually orientated man, a macho type, who enjoys determining women. ...read more.

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