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A Survival Guide for a Family Only Weekend Camping Trip.

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A Survival Guide for a Family Only Weekend Camping Trip Surviving a camping trip alone with the family can be extremely difficult, and one wrong move can lead to a living nightmare. Hopefully these suggestions can be a survival guide to enduring an excruciating weekend. First, when in the car, the family might start to sing those long, childish sing-along songs, but don't panic. For those people who can almost turn off their brains and stare randomly into space, you definitely have an edge. So this may be a good time to do so, it helps block the racket being made. If this doesn't work, go directly to the next step, the CD player (which will also come in handy later too). ...read more.


And be back in 20 minutes!" Also if you have any dogs that you brought along, you will probably be obligated to take them along. She says it is because they need a walk, but the truth is that she knows you are safer with them. But the downside to bringing them is that they will bolt after every sound, smell, or motion they encounter along the way. When arriving back from the walk (the one you didn't go far on, wink-wink) it will be about dinnertime. But use caution when commenting on the camp food, such as " my hamburger is cold" or "I don't think the soup is supposed to have little black dots floating around in it." ...read more.


If this starts to occur, listen to your CD player again. And if one is lacking a CD player, you're going to be looking at a very long night. Upon waking the next morning to pack up early because the air mattresses went flat, the tents leaked, everything inside is soaked, it's cold, it's raining. And worst of all, one of the many animals your parents supposedly heard the previous night, which they said sounded like a VERY LARGE cat, turned out to be a raccoon. And he got into all of the food. So after you decide to leave a day early pack up, enter the car and start the hopefully quieter ride home, it dawns on you that this horrible, grueling, boring, family only, nature weekend wasn't so bad. But of course you won't let your parents know that. ...read more.

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