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A Survivor's Story

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Maria Crowley A Survivor's Story When I was presented with the offer to write my surviving account of the Titanic, I blatantly refused. This catastrophic event had such an impact on my life, heart and soul, that I was tormented for years of the images, sounds and the stench of death that had swallowed me whole on that day. Its only now, 50 years on that I can finally express the emotion I encountered. As my green satin shoe touched the wet concrete of the dock, I could sense the air of excitement tingle down the back of my spine. The young steward carried our luggage behind us; we felt like royalty and were treated like it as well. I could feel many jealous eyes upon my husband and I. We had been planning to move to New York for a long time, I suppose we were just looking for the right opportunity and when news got round about the Titanic, my husband could not resist the "cruise of our lifetime". He never did pass up the excuse to treat me to some kind of luxury, no matter what the cost was, but luckily he could generously afford it. ...read more.


The food lived up to the standards set by the rest of the ship, the meals matched with the meals we had encountered with in Britain's finest restaurants. The next day I spent with Lady Sheila and Lady Charlotte. We had a grand time and in the evening we dined together as family. My husband had enjoyed the time again in the courts he was a great sportsman. On the third evening I dressed myself especially as my husband and I were part of a selected company that would dine with the captain. I remember that exact black chiffon dress I wore, banded with rhinestones, over a gilt-patterned white satin motif supported with a shell-pink satin sash and pearl tassels. My husband whispered in my ear "You look stunning" as we entered the banquet hall. The conversation with the captain was quite entertaining. He couldn't attend the whole course of the meal, as he was wanted upstairs, he was the captain after all. After we danced romantically to the orchestra, they were beautiful musicians of the highest quality and they were a pleasure to dance to. We adjourned to our room at around ten in the evening, as I was restful after our dancing. ...read more.


When I realised that there was no hope in finding life filled bodies, my thoughts turned to Arthur, I knew that at least he would of went down with pride, courage and knowing that my love would be forever by his heart. As we drifted slowly away from the wreck that was one the royal Titanic, I saw how my life once had been and I knew that now when I landed finally in America that it would be a fresh start and a new beginning. The ship "Carpathia" rescued our lifeboat and on 18th April, three days after the Titanic had met her end we docked in America. I decided to avoid the reporters and publicity, as I wanted so much to forget what happened, but when I moved to my lonely mansion I could never escape the horror. Even though Arthur had left me most of his wealth it would never mean the same to me, I moved to a much smaller house, where a gave birth to a daughter who was conceived on that very night I lost my husband. I decided to spare most the inheritance for my daughter and never again would I look down my tear stained nose at anyone. Due to the Titanic I lost the love of my life, nine moths later I gained another one. ...read more.

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