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A Tale of Two Cities

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Tara, Lauren, Elizabeth, Quinton English 10 Honors February 13, 2001 A Tale of Two Cities Reporter: Here at the court house today in ______, Charles Darnay, a (local) French teacher, was sentenced to death when incriminating evidence against his family was found in the Bastille and revealed by Monsieur Defarge, a wine shop owner in Saint Antoine, Paris. Darnay is being punished for the crimes of his father and uncle, the Evremondes, who allegedly raped a young girl, and killed her husband and brother 36 years ago. To my right is Dr. Manette, the man who wrote the account of the Evremondes' sins that was brought to the eyes of the public today. ...read more.


We know now, the nayural antipathy you strove against, and conquered, for her dear sake. We thank you with all our hearts, and all our love and duty. Heaven be with you!" (A Tale of Two Cities ) Reporter: Seems as though Darnay is displaying his good character by not blaming Dr. Manette for his death. (Darney is pulled away to his cell) Dr. Manette, Dr. Manette, may I speak with you a moment. Dr. Manette: (walks to reporter mournfully) Reporter: Why were you apologizing just a moment ago to Darnay, who is sentenced to execution? Dr. Manette: 36 years ago, Darnay's father and uncle, the Evremonde twins, as you know, raped a young girl and murdered her husband. ...read more.


Reporter: So you suspect that the brother's were aware you knew they were guilty? Dr. Manettet: Most certainly. Unfortunately, I did not know where the girl was, and they next day I was taken and imprisoned in the Bastille under the Evremondes' orders. Reporter: How, then, are you associated with Darnay's execution tomorrow morning? Dr. Manette: It was my account written in the Bastille of the murders that was found and used to implicate Darnay's father and uncle. Reporter: Here at the scene is also Darnay's child and close family friend, lawyer Sydney Carton. (camera moves to Lucie and Sydney) Lucie: (speaking to Sydney) Please, Please, can't you do something to save my father? Sydney: (bends down and kisses her on the head) A life you love... ...read more.

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