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A Taste of Honey

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Assignment no. 2 A TASTE OF HONEY In a 'normal' mother-daughter relationship a mother's part is to provide love and affection all the time. A mother should provide this love and affection even more when the daughter is feeling depressed and down in the dumps. A 'normal' mother should care for her daughter when she is ill and nurse her back to full health. She should give her daughter advice when problems come up and her get through the problem by helping to come up with a solution. A mother should guide her daughter through life and prepare her for its challenges. A mother should learn from her mistakes and ensure that her daughter doesn't make the same mistakes. A mother should provide stability for her daughter. She should do this by giving her a good home in one place, by providing food and doing things like washing clothes for her. A mother should ensure that her daughter gets a good standard of education. She should encourage her daughter in everything she does and push her so that she achieves it to the highest standard. ...read more.


JO: No HELEN: Then get it down you A 'normal' mother wouldn't force her 15-year-old daughter to drink. Helen doesn't sacrifice her pleasure for Jo. For example she always throws Jo out of bed, every time one of her fancy men comes. JO: You should have asked him to stay. It wouldn't be the first time I've been thrown out of bed to make room for one of your... A 'normal' mother would go somewhere else. Another example of this is when Helen decides to go to Blackpool with Peter for the weekend. She just leaves Jo to fend for herself with only a quid to live on. HELEN: Can you give us a quid, Peter? I'd better leave her some money. We might decide to make a weekend of it and she can't just live on grass and fresh air. Jo is very insecure and is afraid of the dark. JO: I'm not frightened of the darkness outside. It's the darkness inside houses I don't like This is probably because Helen left her alone a lot of times since she was a child. Jo is very possessive about her mother. ...read more.


In conclusion this assignment proves that Helen and Jo have an abnormal mother-daughter relationship. There is a lack of respect between the pair and they can't communicate properly. They can't express their feelings towards each other even though deep down they do love each other. The assignment proves that that Helen is not a good mother and doesn't know any parenting skills. It also proves that Jo is a neglected daughter who craves her mother's love and affection. Having said that, Helen is not a completely bad mother and has given her daughter worthwhile advice sometimes and Jo has done some bad things to her mother sometimes. The title of the play is 'A TASTE OF HONEY' and it means a little bit of sweetness in life. In the play Helen and Jo have 'A TASTE OF HONEY' in their life. Helen got it from Peter. Jo got it from the boy and Geoff. It was short-lived and they ended up right back to where they started. I thought that 'A TASTE OF HONEY' an interesting play and was quite sad reading about a daughter who was rejected for most of her life and a mother who didn't know how to be a good parent. ...read more.

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