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A Taste of Honey was first performed in 1958. It was set in Manchester.

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A TASTE OF HONEY. A Taste of Honey was first performed in 1958. It was set in Manchester. Manchester at that time was an industrial town. There were lots of working class people like there is today as well as poverty. The play is about a mother and daughter relationship, Helen and Jo, their problems and their attempts to cope with life. The play is controversial because Helen is a semi-whore which at that time was maybe wasn't unusual, but wasn't acceptable. She is divorced and a single parent, according to statistics in 1958 1 in 100 marriages ends in divorce. It was difficult to get divorced and divorce was frowned upon. In the 1950's single parents were a 'tiny' minority of the population because divorce at that time was uncommon. Helen had Jo at a young age. The community would of thought bad about Helen. Conversation between Helen is like verbal sparring. Helen is very self-centred. Jo becomes increasing central to action. ...read more.


"I wonder what it'll be like here in the summer? It'll smell". Helen is just trying to make best of the situation. The window is in a poor state as well. It is giving out a cold draught. The light bulb has no shade, which Jo doesn't approve of. She puts her scarf around it. Jo: "Can I have that chair Helen? I'll put my scarf around it" Jo is trying to sort things out. There is a reversal in role. Helen say's she will get one the next day, but there is no evidence that she does get it the next day. Jo is acting like a mother. She has to be independent as her mother doesn't look after her. This shows us that Helen is short of money and also is not very domesticated and does not act like a typical mother. The flat is a total ruin. The stage directions have a big effect on the audience. ...read more.


Peter acts all posh and rich after looking at the state of the flat and at the tenements, cemetery and slaughter house. Peter is offering to marry Helen, who is in turn is old enough to be his. We can tell this because it say's in the book. There is a lot of conflict between Peter and Jo as she doesn't want him interfering with her mother. There is a lot of conflict between Jo and Helen all throughout the scene for various reasons. Helen isn't looking after Jo as she really should. The scene ends by Peter leaving and Helen and Jo talking properly about one thing which they haven't done all through out act 1 scene 1. They have a typical mother and daughter chat in which Jo admits to being scared of the dark, but Helen comforts her by saying you shouldn't be scared of the dark. A Taste of Honey is a typical kitchen and sink drama because there are poor surroundings. The everyday language is different. There are constant conflicts and arguments which causes tension and all the action takes place in one room. A Taste Of Honey surely doesn't reflect real life. ...read more.

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