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A Taste of My Life

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A TASTE OF MY LIFE Food has always been an important part of my life, as obviously it is important as a matter of life and death, but also as it can make life so much more enjoyable. Food has always been a key part of my life, but as a younger child I was always much fussier as to what I ate. Since I started been more adventurous with foods, I always like to try new flavours, spicier curries and more exotic taste sensations. Food has never been a struggle for me, although I have only liked a few foods as a younger child. I have never worried about what I eat, and I feel that people worry too much about what we eat, yes we should be conscious but there is a level when people have to accept that we should be able to eat what we want. That has always been my thought and I'm sure I will always believe that. A Taste Of Childhood A food that springs to mind about my childhood instantly is mushy peas. My favourite food for what must have been two years, I am instantly able to remember it now because of the sheer hatred I have for mushy peas now. Those sneaky green peas, trying to hide themselves between your chips. ...read more.


Now for me, meat is the most important part of a roast dinner, and it always has been. The succulent roast fresh out of the oven always tastes phenomenal, whether it is the dark look of beef or lamb, or the lighter colour and texture of chicken or pork, I will still always love it. My mother's chicken dinner is a meal to die for, everything is cooked with such effort, and it is normally only eaten on special occasions, it is that good. The one part that makes it something special is the gravy. The gravy is always the perfect texture and flavour, the juice from the roast of the meat combined with all the other vital ingredients from a good gravy is just the greatest way to make a roast dinner incredible. A Taste Of Friendship My friendship food might not be healthy or good for providing all the nutrition I need, but whenever I eat it, it is always with my friends and it always reminds me of my friends. The first meal that springs to my mind is hot roast meat sandwiches from a shop in town. A choice of any meat, or speciality meat of the day always lures me and my friends to its delicious smell. Tucking into the roast beef sandwich, with a small quantity of gravy, just to kick it a little bit, the taste you get hits your mouth and always makes you want more. ...read more.


The initial flavour of chicken fajitas is that of a smooth texture, the spice then makes contact with your taste and sends down a flavour that can only be described as amazing. The warm exterior and the spicy hot interior combine to be surely one of my favourite dishes. My dessert is a difficult one; it would have to be a selection of a few of my personal favourites. First in the 'pudding line-up' would be my cousin's chocolate brownies, as previously described. Served alongside that would be a selection of ice cream. Ben & Jerry's cookie dough is a favourite of mine, combining all the textures that you want in your ice cream, and another of my favourite is Haagen-Dazs strawberry ice cream. It is the perfect flavour of strawberry ice cream, and the little pieces of strawberry are particularly enjoyable. The final part of the dessert would most definitely be fruit salad. Strawberries, oranges, apples, peaches, kiwi, banana and mangos. Fruits that mixed together create the nicest, sweet taste in the world. But it is not just the fruit that make it amazing, but also the juice at the end. Yes, I like it so much that I poured the juice into a pint glass and drank it all! The perfect combination of sweet flavours and different textures are enough to say that we are only allowed a proper fruit salad on very special occasions, but by gosh is it worth the wait. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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