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A Terrifying Experience

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A Terrifying Experience The bedroom door was being pulsated on. There was Jack, on the inside, anxiously waiting to see who was behind the door. He was sat in the covers of his bed, his heart racing at a mile a minute. His skin was shaking. The doorknob turned. Jack clenched his fists, now more scared than ever. The door opened very slowly. Jack could see the light from the passage. Jack could see a shadow creeping across his bed. Suddenly, a skeleton came at torpedo speed, making a huge leap on his bed... AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! He screamed at the top of his lungs. His mum was at his bedside repeating, "It was only a dream." Of course Jack was not listening; he was too busy re-running the dream over and over again. "Go back to sleep" his mum carried on, "don't think about it." Jack kept thinking about the horrid vision. He finally went back to sleep. ...read more.


He chuckled. He was about to go upstairs, after the scrumptious breakfast, but discovered a note on the table by the telephone, folded perfectly in half. He snatched at the paper and opened it. He, at once noticed his mother's style sketching nice pictures of random objects. She was quite an artist. Jack had perceptibly not got his mother's talent. He looked at the writing. The letter read: Jack, Saturday 24/7 Your father and I are going to my aunt's house. She had some bad news about Killer (her dog). I have left a tener on the sofa in the living room if you want to go out. You can have a Pot Noodle for lunch. We did not want to wake you up after you had that bad dream. We should be back by about 3 in the afternoon. Harry's coming with us as well. I want you to read another 20 pages of the book you brought home from school by the time we get back. ...read more.


"I know you are alone, I saw your parents leave your driveway." "H - H - Who is this," he asked, so terrified that I was shaking rapidly, faster than a massage chair on its highest setting. "Your worst nightmare" he carried on murmuring. As soon as he said that the door was thumped on twice, one louder than the other. "Scared now," the chilling voice carried on. Jack remembered his distressing dream and was now anxious about how this sick guy knew about his dreadful dream. Suddenly, I heard a key turn in my lock. I twisted quickly towards the door. The door opened. I wanted to run but my legs were not coordinating. Suddenly, a hideous skeleton came at torpedo speed, making a huge leap on him. "AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!" Jack screamed. The skeleton took its mask off. It was my own brother, Harry, laughing madly, turning off his mobile. "You should have seen your face!" he yelled. This suit was definitely worth buying two years ago for Halloween. "You scared me so much, and who told you about my dream." "Mum did" "I'll get you for this" ONE MONTH LATER... "AARRRRRGGGHHH!!!" shrieked Harry. ...read more.

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