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A Testament of Youth: Script.

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A Testament of Youth: SCRIPT Act One, Scene One A fireplace left stage with a mantle above it with black and white pictures of a young TOM PERN. There is a large bookcase, containing leather bound books, centre back staged, and a grand father clock right staged against a wall next to the door, opposite the door is a large chair were MS. PERN IS SITTING. (Stands up and walks towards the fireplace picks up a picture Looks at it meaningfully and then puts it back face down and sits back down) (Entering hastily): well i'm ready mother. (No response): mother i'm ready (smiling). (Stands furiously): don't look so happy about it (then sits down) (Slightly annoyed yet gentle): mother I'm going to war... most people would be proud (walking towards her) (Snorts) proud! What else do they tell you, huh, (slowly rising again) yes you're a patriot, a hero... you're now a man (Trembling): is this what society tells you? No, it's a death trap wrapped up in wrapped in optimism, don't you...(TOM interrupts sharply) (In a hurt voice) just stop it, don't you care mother don't let me leave like this... ...read more.


When I left I thought I would only me gambling my life but why didn't I think about mother she always relied on me for help, and now she's going to die well if everyone's going then why should I bother to stay alive I don't want to live any more i've seen to much my life's never going to be the same. Script I'm going to write the script on the improvisation I did of positive a reason to leave home. Act One, Scene One A large sitting room. To the left of the stage a television that's on against the wall a large 3 seated sofa centre back stage and on the right sided wall of the stage a door. (A loud excited shout is heard) (Entering hastily through the door): dad its here the mails arrived (now singing): ooh yeah the mail is here! Ooh yeah the mail is here (Gets up from the sofa and quickly turns the television off): shut up and open It (in a breathless voice): come on quickly!!! (Dramatically HENRY shields his eyes): nah dad I can't look at it you read it. ...read more.


Finally done, huh, what a long day (sniggers) odd job man more like odd 12-job man. (Looking around says) my home now a lot more colder and cant say much about the company, bloody Scots, call me English dandy when they wear skirts, look at me I'm a daft idiot who's talking to himself, ah well, I better get used to it I'm going to be here for a long while... At least another 8 months, until I step on the dry earth called Indonesia. Indonesia the place wear I'm going to make my fortune, fine rare marrot silk and exotic fruits, and then I'll come back home with my pockets weighed down and no more 'Tony get on with your work or you wont have any' and no more desperate Tony who cant afford anything and is looked down on by everyone, I can say farewell to that Tony and get more acquainted with the Anthony i've been so longing to be, the, would you like anything Mr. Anthony Simmons or can I help you Mr. Anthony Simmons the Anthony who everyone wants to meet and make friends with ... oh how I cant wait. 5 Saher Rashid Mayfield school and college Centre number: 13305 DEVELOPMENT PHASE Can: 3623 Saher Rashid Mayfield school and college Centre number: 13305 DEVELOPMENT PHASE ...read more.

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