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There is no point to punishment. It just makes you sorry you were caught. Discuss.

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'There is no point to punishment. It just makes you sorry you were caught.' In our society punishment exists in one form or another. The definition of punishment is a form of pain, or penalty inflicted on a person because of a crime or offence committed. Some people argue that punishment is necessary because, non- punishment encourages crime. If people think they can get away with something criminal, they know that they can get away with it time and time again. Some people just don't learn. For example if a child touches something hot he or she knows that's bad so the child would most likely not do that again, just as punishment should deter people from doing something bad. ...read more.


They think that punishment teaches a person from a young age that adults have the power and can force others to do what they want. So the child when it grows up he or she believes they can do the same to another, if they think something has been done that they don't like. The religion of Islam main believe is that the god will be rewarded and the bad will be punished after they die on judgement day. Although they argue that justice is the basis of the five pillars of Islam. So according to Islamic laws punishment is necessary for justice, but it states that you must be in the right form of mind when you exercise punishment, for example not angry. ...read more.


They believe that people are naturally dominated by hatred, anger, jealousy. So punishing them for doing wrong does nothing. A person has to be taught how to change into a better person so people can live in peace and happiness. In conclusion I that considering the state of today's society punishment is necessary. For instance children are able to do almost whatever and misbehave how they want. Also the severity of the punishment should depend on the seriousness of the crime. I feel that overall there is a point to punishment to make sure people know that some things are wrong to do. Even though many people may seem that they are not reformed by punishment, I think that deep down in their consciousness they are fully aware of what they did and how wrong it was. BY SAIIF ZAMAN 9M ...read more.

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