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A time when I felt isolated or lonely

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A time when I felt isolated or lonely "Wow! A three days survival camp without a leader or teacher. Cool! Mum, can I join this camp?" I asked my mum eagerly. My mum, who was observing the book section, turned around and looked at the poster, "This?" "Yes," I explained, "It's a three days hiking camp. I will hike with another two people from an over-sea scout team." She examined the advertisement for a moment and said, "But there aren't any teachers following you." "That's why I'm so keen to join this camp," I exclaimed ardently. "This is the time when I can really use the skills I learnt in the past two months, surviving in the wild. And if I really have problems, I'm sure my amiable team mates can help me." My mum studied the poster for a few more moments and finally said, "Well, if you're so willing to join this survival camp, I will let you." I kept on telling my parents how happy I was like a parrot at dinner time, but my dad's facial expression stopped me from repeating. He had a small encouraging smile on his face, which looked pretty normal, however when I looked deep into his eyes, I could see that he's worried. ...read more.


An animal I fear the most, spider. I quickly dodged away and screamed as loud as I could. Then, under my shriek, I could hear two people laughing; Dom and John were guffawing their head off. John said breathlessly, "Do you see how scared he is? That's the loudest scream I ever heard." Dom nodded, went to the spider and picked it up. Was it my illusion or what? Did I just heard a language that I understand? And how came the spider didn't struggle when Dom picked it up? I thought of a second then everything just came together at once. It's true that they spoke English and I had just been tricked. The spider is fake! I looked at them disgustedly, rushing past them as quickly as I can. Their unbearable action just made me detest them more and didn't even want to look at them. For the rest of the day, I walked in front of them without saying a word or trying to revenge. I decided not to disturb them and desired they would not irritate me, but this never happened. They kept on insulting me on everything I do. I tried to sing quietly to relax, and they cried stop and emphasised what a bad voice I had. ...read more.


Five seconds later, I heard a shriek of help above me. I quickly looked up and the sight stunned me. About five metres up the mountain, John was trying to make a big leap. Unluckily, he missed for only a few inches, so he tried to clutch on something, but fail. Everything seemed to happen so quickly, he fell on the ground, hand first, then blood started dripping from his hand and knee. Dom slowly got to the floor and looked at his injury but did nothing about it. "Don't you know how to do first aid?" I questioned. They looked at each other shamefully and shook their head. I really wanted to laugh at them but I knew I should not. They didn't show me respect but that didn't mean I needed to do the same thing to them. I took out my bandage from my first aid box and wrapped it around John's injury arm. I also took out a bottle of ethanol and washed the wound with it. After first aiding, my team mates both looked at me thankfully, "Thank you...um...a...sorry about what happened yesterday. W...we don't mean it." I put out a hand and say, "so can we be friends now?" They nodded and shook my hand. From then on, I didn't hear a single insulting word or French from them, and the rest of the journey continued to be remarkable, in a good way. ...read more.

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