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A Traumatic Experience

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A Traumatic Experience It was a cold, January evening, two weeks after Christmas. I looked outside of my car door window and I could hear the wind wailing as it shook the branches outside. There was an eerie feeling, darkness began to fall and the streetlights burned a bright yellow, which reflected off the leaves like a beacon. My family and I were returning from a weekend break in Wales. As we approached my house I had my nose pressed against the window in anticipation to play on my new Christmas present, a PC. I briefly turned towards the mirror and my face had a gleaming smile, with my cheeks raised, and my eyebrows lifted. I could see in my face that I was delirious, and the moment came where by my dad would unlock the door to the room, which was now known as the computer room. The computer room was a large wooden panelled room, which lead to the outside patio via sliding doors. Inside was darkness, the light from the dining room cast a silhouette on a portrait of me as a baby against the wall. ...read more.


She had a more real reaction, her emotions were more open than mine and she seemed a lot more aware of the situation, where as I was distant from the event, trying to comprehend what happened. My sister ran out, seeking comfort from my mum. Streams of tears were running down her face as she threw her arms around her. My mum entered the room to investigate. Before she walked through the door, you could see in her face she was prepared for the worst. She slowly moved out of the kitchen to enter the room. Her face was flushed and her frown lines started to appear on the oily surface of her forehead. Sweat was dripping from her temple and her eyes were concentrated as she began to enter the room. As she entered, the shock and shear reality of what she was seeing was too much. She started to cry as she looked around. She immediately wiped her tears, as she was expected to be the brave mother we all know and love. Of course, my dad was very manly about the situation, he dealt with it in in his own way. ...read more.


Sudden flashes of blue came hurtling round the corner. There was now a sense of security as the two men stepped out of the car. I imagined them to be very tall and well built. He entered the room, a moment of confusion occurred as I never expected a short woman with her partner being a scrawney looking with black round glasses, the complete opposite of what I expected. The calming sound of her voice was comforting as she began to investigate the problem. After the details had been given there were two more men who entered the building for forensic evidence. They scanned the crime scene and found a footprint and fingerprints of the criminal. I watched as they brushed along the wall and around the doorway. As the fingerprints were being discovered I began to see the reconstruction of the event. I imagined the criminal to be a huge character with a rough face seared with wrinkles and deep-set blackened eyes. That night I lay in bed knowing that there is a world around us which contains such people, however it isn`t all bad. As I remembered this my spirits rose dramatically and I drifted off into a reasonably untroubled sleep. ...read more.

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