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A Tribute to Courage

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A Tribute to Courage It's seven o'clock, suppertime. My whole family is sitting at the dinner table, my mother, my father, my two brothers, Tommie and Constantijn and me. I sit back and look at them all laughing and telling jokes, and think of how lucky I am to be a part of something so special and unique. One of the main reasons for this is my brother Constantijn. Ever since I was very young, I have been especially close to Constantijn. He is my older brother and I've always looked up to him. Since forever, we've had a special bond. However it wasn't until I was about nine and he was fourteen that I realised that he was a bit different from other boys his age. ...read more.


He was just Constantijn. I started to notice that he was unhappy, and this made me unhappy too. What saddened me most of all, was that he wouldn't tell me what was wrong. Then, early one Saturday morning, I came downstairs and Mum was crying. Dad was just sitting silently in his chair, but all I could look at was my lovely brother's troubled face. Constantijn had just told my parents that he was gay. Mum explained that that meant that he liked boys, but I was only nine and didn't understand. Didn't everyone like boys? It wasn't until around two years later, that I understood what she meant. One day, I was walking home from school and I saw my brother holding hands with his close friend Mohammed. ...read more.


Last year I had one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. This was when my brother and Mohammed took me to the Gay Pride Parade in Amsterdam. Everyone was so happy and free. I couldn't believe it! There was no discrimination, no pretences and everyone was having a great time. My brother, my Constantijn, was a part of this great happening and I have never been more proud of anyone, than I was of him that day. I'll be eternally grateful to my brother, for teaching me the best lesson anyone could ever learn; that to love and be loved, is God's greatest gift. I sit at the dinner table tonight, watching my precious family all together as they have always been and I am glad to be here. I'm one of them. Anna Lambregts 11RS English Tribute ...read more.

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