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A Trip to Grand Rapids

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Section B - A Trip to Grand Rapids - 835 words 1) Write a Summary in no more than 150 words of Roger Hedlund's experience of the party described in "A Trip to Grand Rapids". Roger Hedlund has a farm with his wife, and has two daughters; Cathy and Martha. Martha has a new kitten and Roger has made a rule that it has to stay outdoors. Martha does not understand it. This and the rain are giving Roger a lot of thinking time. Roger knows that the rain is good for the farmer, but he want to get the corn planted, but it is still raining the next days. Roger gets so nervous that he could not sit down. Cindy wants him to go away, that he drives them crazy. Therefore, his two teenage girls ought them to go. They went off to Grand Rapids, but on the way, he worries about the girls. He is curious, what is going on at home and they went back for a look. ...read more.


He wants to understand them, but he cannot and do not know what to do about it. The first impression is, as mentioned in the beginning, that Roger is a tough man, who rules the house with harshness. But his family know how to handle him. It's obvious that he needs them, and maybe that he likes some of the decisions but it has to be beneath the surface. But in the end Roger sees the problem, when he looks back in his life, when he met his wife Cindy at a party, just like that, they discovered at home, because Roger was nervous about his little girls. In a way Roger forgets his family because he has a lot to think about on his farm and he does not tell it to his family. (245 words) 3) Comment on Roger Hedlund's philosophy of life (= the last 9 lines). Based on my interpretation, as I interpret it as that the phrases he says in the last 9 lines, is of his two daughter. ...read more.


It is very important. If you did not give his children good upbringing, then it will end with that child will be spoiled, and will grumble about the wishes you do not get satisfied. To keep the relationship well, you need love. Love is the best to bind the family together between parents and teenager children. Teenager, which is the second I take in. They must have their respect in order and take account of his parents, because if respect is in order, you can also come with relevant discussions, with this agreement with the community and make fair rules, which agreement also be included. If teenager children are not tiring his parents, there will be calmer in the relationship. For a time, if one can show his parents his responsibility for his life, so parents are not extorting a so often, so it is good and listen to his parents' advice. They have been young before, so they know the mistakes better than young people do. But the key will be for my estimation is that there should be love and respect. (207 words) ?? ?? ?? ?? Ferhat G�r 3.y Engelsk B 30/10 2008 Greve Gymnasium HC - Hanne Christiansen 1 ...read more.

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