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A Valentine's Gift

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Whilst intimately observing a romantic and yet slapstick Valentines card, I couldn't help but to track my thoughts back to the time when I had purchased and given an unusually abnormal valentines gift. More than several years back as a high school freshman, although I did try to keep it quiet the word of my new apartment spread, eventually reaching my beloved girlfriend. I was going to tell eventually; 'Oh Clive, why didn't you tell me, well don't worry, I'm free tonight and I would love to come to see your new dwelling, and don't forget it is Valentines Day today!' and with that was an accompanying laugh and a strong violet stare. 'Sure' I agreed, and then strolled down to the nearest pharmacy and got myself equipped. 'Maybe this is what was needed for our precious relationship', I thought to myself, roused a little. On that romantically musky night of February the fourteenth, the bleak clouds were high, and the minute hand of my grandfather clock jolted smartly upright to signify it was 9 o'clock. ...read more.


She examined it, probably looking at the round cream swirls that lay atop it, and the ring of fresh fruit covered with sprinkles of icing sugar. My gift was not the cake but the small round metal bangle that the cake bore. The bangle was very small, rather a hoop, yet greater in size than a ring. Cleverly I had placed this hoop inside the cake, so that rose could see it. 'Wow, oh darling this looks sweet just like you and your thoughts' she said with a sexy smile. With such a reply, I was convinced she liked the gift and that she saw the hoop. However I waited for her to take the hoop out, which was neatly tucked above the surface of the cake. 'There's more!' I added. I watched her as she elegantly cut the minuet cake, she cut a reasonable sized piece and popped it in my mouth, and the she went on to cut the cake further, this time she cut a smaller piece. ...read more.


I cannot describe the pain, and yet I do not desire to. A few days later I found myself in court. My face was giving me discomfort, though it was covered with bandages which eased it a little. I faced the disgusted jury in defence of 'Trying to murder my girlfriend indirectly with use of a hoop forged of metal!' I had failed, and with a soft tear in my eyes I tried to explain that I loved Rose, and the hoop was a valentine's gift, a symbol of our love. I told them that my love for rose was never-ending, just like the circle of the hoop, the fact that it was made out of metal proved that my love for her was strong and solid, never to be undone. The gleam of the metal proved that our love had the flourishing rays of the sun shining upon it. I couldn't tell whether Rose showed or felt affection, maybe she didn't, or it could be that she kept it to herself. Whatever she thought, I never looked in her path again, and however much I loved her. ?? ?? ?? ?? Naren Wadvana - 1 - ...read more.

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