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A veiw from the bridge

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A view from the bridge coursework In the play 'A view from the Bridge' manliness is explored throughout and is the main theme. This is portrayed through Eddie's notions of what it is to be a man. He believes that protecting his family is manly and is convinced that his infatuation with his niece is merely protecting his family. A major part of his downfall is his disapproval of Catherine's lover Rodolpho's notion of being a man. This is first of all shown when the playwright portrays Eddie as the boss of the house. Eddie believes a main part of being a man is looking after the welfare of his family. That is shown here when Eddie's wife Beatrice consults with him' work is the best practice anyway' and Eddie replies to her "that I ain't what I wanted though". Here the audience gets the feel that Eddie has to be consulted with about what happens in his household, and also shows to the audience that Eddie has control over his family and is the boss. ...read more.


Here Eddie keeps trying as he does not want to be seen as weak. This corresponds with the point of his valuing physical strength. Eddie also shows manliness by looking after his family continuously throughout the play, and here when he says" I think its too short...I don't like the looks their giving you at the candy store", Eddie doesn't want other men looking at his niece in a sexual way. Eddie's family are fearful of him, so they have to justify themselves to him; like when Catherine is trying to pleasantly present her side of the argument with out upsetting Eddie and still being able to get him on side to her. The audience has a clear feel of how much tension there is when his family are consulting him because of his control over the family. Eddie is also the sole provider for his family, so when he is told that Catherine has been offered a job placement, he shows a negative attitude. ...read more.


Eddies manliness is shown again with hi protectiveness over his niece, Catherine. He becomes very possessive and tries everything to prevent Catherine from marrying Rodolpho. He believes that Rodolpho Is not manly enough to have her hand in marriage, and protect her. The protectiveness and obsessive behaviour, which he has towards Catherine causes his death via manliness and the battle over who is the better man-him or Marco for Marco and him both share the same notions of manliness. Marco is disgraced at Eddie for trying to hurt his younger brother and stopping Marco from having the chance to provide for his family. We get a sense of Marco's anger by the names he uses and the emphasis he uses when he says them, for example,"a-nima-a-a-al!" Arthur Miller has explored the theme of manliness quite a lot in the play, in many forms. He has covered masculinity, pride and protectiveness, not to mention control, all based around the joining of Italian and American family members. He has added conflict and love to accompany the theme of manliness, resulting in corruption and death. By Condicia West 10 ...read more.

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