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A Vendetta

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A VENDETTA A Vendetta is a cold harsh story about a widow who avenges her son's death by training her dog to become vicious and attack her son's murderer. The writer creates a harsh atmosphere by firstly describing the eerie scene of the cottage where the old widow lives, he uses lines like "The town, built on a mountain spur, in some places actually overhanging sea, faces the low-lying coast of Sardina across the straight with its bristling reefs". And also "On the white mountain side the collection of hoses makes a whiter patch. They look like the nests of wild birds clinging to the rock looking down on this dangerous channel, into which few ships venture". ...read more.


tears" this is when her sons body has been brought to her .He also writes that she has wrinkled hands and cold lips, the writer also states that vowed vengeance, refused anybody to stay with her and shut herself up with the body of her deceased son and the howling dog. This might show that she only cares about vengeance upon her son's death as she shuts herself away from society and so determinedly vowels vengeance. The old woman figures out an idea, she goes to church to find strength to carry out her act of revenge, she humbles herself towards god hoping she might get support for the sin which she is going to commit and maybe forgiveness as she knows she was going against gods way. ...read more.


This method of taking vengeance shows that she does not care about anything but killing her son's murderer but she needs the dogs help as she is to weak, as she changes the dogs character to be a vicious killer by training her over the three months of harsh starvation and dedication. She then takes the emaciated dog to the work place of hr son's murderer and sets the dog upon him, wrenching at his throat, tearing it to ribbons. When the old widow had finished her task of taking revenge she could rest peacefully and slept soundly, this shows how caught up in obsession to take revenge she was. ...read more.

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