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A vew from the bridge- cultural and historical

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Between 19h - 20th century immigration to USA was the largest movement of people in human history. During the 1820's - 1920's Italians were the largest group of immigrants to the USA this mostly included illegal immigrants from the south and Sicily. The increase of a lot of illegal immigration taking place cause racism and violence. The amount of immigration during the years grew more than 4 million movements. Arthur miller, who is the author of the play, was also born in New York. His family were immigrants as well. Having been a longshoreman, he worked with a lot of Italians, which also brings to mind the character in his play called Eddie. He had the same job and is also a citizen from the Italian culture. Italian culture has strong beliefs. They have strong impressions on people who rattle each other and will surely deal with such problems. Most importantly man has the power in the family. They can force women to do anything for them. A good example is when Eddie commands Beatrice to serve his dinner. ...read more.


The scene mostly draws the attention of the audience by showing all the giving and making the audience think about the characters. I think the three main characters taking important roles are Eddie, Marco and Rodolfo. These characters show strength, revenge and hate towards each other in two different situations. At the start of the scene we clearly see Eddie's jealousy and love towards Catherine, when she dances with Rodolfo. Eddie shows a fake interest in Rodolfo of how he cooks, makes dresses etc, and at the same time he tries to point out his weak side. Later in the scene Eddie builds up the tension and shows his strength by boxing Rodolfo. By the end of the play Marco with a look of alarm faces Eddie to win back his brothers face and strength by lifting up the chair with one hand. My instructions for the characters will show the audience what they hide inside and their real feeling to each other. My directions will show how the characters react towards each other. ...read more.


When he does this he emphasizes the idea that he has special feelings towards Catherine. The audience can see this by Eddie showing powerful image of him and punching Rodolfo with a sharp intense. Eddie's face will have a serious and disregarding look. This is to show his anger for what he feels towards Catherine, because he can't say his love freely. At the end of the scene Marco lifts up the chair above Eddie's head. At this point he gives a dreadful glare. When he does that he reinforces the impression that he wants to warn Eddie to not touch his brother and to show his cultural power. To show this I would make Marco gaze into Eddie's eyes with a defiant stare, saying nothing. In these notes I have stated the reactions of the characters and what they actually hide behind their words. By adding these ideas I think that I have shown a clear view to the audience, also it sums up all the feelings of characters to one another. The audience will see that the story has an overall scene, which shows all the emotional feelings, living no question behind. BY Tugba Melek... ...read more.

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