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A view from a bridge

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The playwright Arthur Miller sets "A view from a bridge" in the 1920s when gangsters roamed the streets of New York. Miller concentrates the production on the concept of a Shakespearean tragedy where a good man is killed by his fatal flaw which in the case of a view from a bridge is Eddies burning desire for his niece Catherine. The production was presented in the royal theatre in bury St.Edmunds the set followed the exact stage directions as miller had set in the novel. Using only very basic props with only a settee, tables and chairs and a stage curtain as scenery. ...read more.


Eddy's niece: Catherine has lived with Eddie and his wife all her life, since her parents died. As she starts to grow up and change Eddie has trouble letting go. Also Catherine falls in love with Rodolpho (an Italian submarine from Sicily) much to Eddies disgust, this depicts one of Catherine's sudden changes during the production. As eddies feelings go much further for Catherine this results in a ever present tension. Through out the production we see Eddy's world through the narration of Alfieri, who acts as a chorus for the production. A lawyer, drawn into a world of unspoken suspicions. ...read more.


He was portrayed as tall, blond man in his 20s, who takes a liking to Catherine right away. Eddie suspects Rodolpho is only using Catherine in order to become a legal citizen. He bases this primarily on the fact that Rodolpho "ain't right" through monologues from Alfieri we know this only fuelled by eddies blunt jealousy. Eddy's jealousy and rage lead to an act of betrayal, and one of the worst that could be done in the Sicilian community; He calls the Immigration beurau which Eddie actually says is the worst act of betrayal anyone could do the community, during the first scene. ?? ?? ?? ?? A view from a bridge. ...read more.

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