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A View From A Bridge

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How does Arthur Miller's portrayal of attitudes to family and law within ' A View From A Bridge' cause conflict throughout the whole of the play? By Francesca Jastrzebska 'A View From A Bridge' is the tale of a Sicilian family, who are trying to make a better life for themselves in America. Throughout the play Arthur Miller shows his portrayal of attitudes to family and law by basing the characters on real life people???/ Story's he has been told by friends and family. By focusing on the different characters I will explore a range of issues such as moments of conflict between the characters in the play and the consequence the characters actions have on everyone else. As Eddie views are the ones that cause the most conflict in the play I will start with him. The first conflict in the play is in the first act when Eddie comes back from work and Catherine is wearing a new skirt and has her hair done differently. Eddie notices and asks her were she is going all dressed up "Where you goin' all dressed up?" Catherine leads Eddie over to the armchair in a loving kind of way and sits him down. As she sits on her heels Eddie makes a comment about her skirt being to short. ...read more.


"(Smiling) Ah, go on, you're just jealous." This causes tension between the husband and wife, as Beatrice believes that its time for Catherine to grow up and she can't do that with Eddie standing over her also that it is her life and if she is making a mistake its her mistake and she needs to learn from it. Later on Beatrice admits that Catherine and Rodolfo's relationship is not her only worry. " When am I going to be a wife again, Eddie?" Eddie says its because he hasn't been feeling well and that the brothers, Marco and Rodolfo, being here bothers him. Beatrice argues that they have only been there for a couple of weeks and he's been like he has for three months. The stage direction before he answers shows that he doesn't want to actually no what is troubling her, as it might make him look less of a man. The next part in the play that causes conflict is when Eddie starts showing Rodolfo how to box. This makes Marco feel uneasy. As Catherine come back into the room eddies tells Rodolfo that he is going to hit him "Now I'm going to hit you, so block me, see" this alarms Catherine seeing the two men in her life that she loves boxing. ...read more.


Marco says in his country Eddie would be dead by now " in my country he would be dead now, he would not live this long" He's talking about the Sicilian way of life, the laws of Omerta. Promising not to kill Eddie would be dishonourable. Marco finally promises Alfieri, ashamed, that he wont touch Eddie. When Marco turns up at eddies house he is shouting his name. Eddie believes that he has come to apologies and give his good name back. "Now give me my name and we go together to the wedding." This ends in a fight between Eddie and Marco and Eddie dies. Throughout the play Arthur miller shoes his portrayal of laws and family throughout the characters actions. Each character represents something, for example Eddie represents an over protective father and Catherine represents a little girl. They cause conflict because as Catherine grows up Eddie needs to change his ways of controlling Catherine, as she is not little anymore and can make her own choices and decisions. Every lil fing dat we do Shud be between me and you Those freaky fings that we do Lets keep between me and you *++++------iif ii had wun wiish u wud bee ma boo nah f*** dat iif ii had wun wiish ma 5 daii pass wud neva run out dnt get happz coz ii wnt b callin u ...read more.

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