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A View from a Bridge

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A View from a Bridge Arthur Miller was the author of the play "A view from a bridge." He was born on the 17th of October in New York City. He later published the book in 1955. The Story was set in New York Cit Red Hook. The story is brought out by so many things such as, characters, themes, stage directions and effects to get the points across to the audience and how he set the structure out. His first play was set as one act and later changed to two it also was a Greek tragedy at first and then changed to American. The play is based on 2 main characters (Rodolpho & Eddie) to get main effects and points across. Rodolpho had come from Italy to American as an immigrant & Eddie is the main character all the way through. Miller portrays Eddie in the same way as the main character in a Greek Tragedy. Therefore we know he father, but need to use the clues throughout the play to prepare for it. Alfieri was the narrator of the play "A View from a Bridge" he was also a very important character in the play. Eddie had very high expectations of Alfieri this was because he was a lawyer wanted to know what he could do about a certain situation. ...read more.


Beatrice does not have a big part of the play as Eddie or Catherine but she is still a very big park in the act. Eddie needs to know he has full control and responsibility of Catherine at all times. Catherine has no idea that Eddie's feelings are improper to her but it is clearly obvious to the audience. Catherine falls in love with Rodolpho another character in the play, this is Beatrice's cousin so the situation is quite confusing at times. Beatrice does not see that Eddie likes her more than Rodolpho till near the end of the play, but the things that help her to find this out are she matures / grows up to be a more of a modern woman. At the start of the play Catherine loved pleasing Eddie because she knows she is doing the right thing and it makes her feel more responsible. In the play it shows that Beatrice is a very responsible person, caring and very down to earth. Arthur miller tried to get his point across to the audience to show that Eddie was not really in love with Beatrice but somebody else but I interoperated it was Catherine. Beatrice wants Catherine to be a bit more of a niece to Eddie. ...read more.


Marco turns and was very supportive of Rodolpho and loyal to him when Eddie hits him. The themes of the family grow all through the play, it shows how the passion of all the family can really affect all of the family's balance. The characters personality's are really shows during the play, as both Eddie and Rodolpho have split personalities as Eddie has much more of a stronger personality and shows it. Rodolpho is sensitive and also shows it. A view from a bridge was a Greek tragedy that gave me the impression that it was very dramatic as their was a lot of emotions running high, the impression that you get from it changing from one act to two is that it is continuous. The stage directions create dramatic effects as it shows in the body language used by the characters, expression and emotions in the play. I have tried to answer the questions by putting why Arthur Miller has used things such as points he has tried to get across to the audience. I have tried to say whether Miller has prepared the audience for what is to come next or has he left questions in the audience's heads what is going to happen next in the story. My personal view of the book is that it is very good book that is very good in showing the characters feelings. ...read more.

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