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A View From a Bridge by Arthur Millar

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A View From a Bridge by Arthur Millar In this play incest is very important. Eddie Carbone has feelings for his niece Catherine. This relationship is the main point in this play in which every thing is based upon. Incest is a sexual thought or relationship between close relatives. For example, if an uncle had feelings for their niece. What makes it worst then just incest is the fact that their Italian and Italian have great loyalty to those in the same family. In this play incest influences most of the events if not all of them. If the was no incest there would be no story. For example, if Eddie didn't like Catherine then he wouldn't get jealous of Rodolpho. If he didn't get jealous of Rodolpho then he wouldn't have reported Marco and Rodolpho to the immigration bureau and if he didn't do that then I'm sure he wouldn't have got stapped at the end of the play. Alfieri introduces the theme in his beginning speech. Eddie Carbone is a husky longshoreman who works at the docks from Brooklyn Bridge. He is forty years old and has strong feeling towards his niece Catherine. Eddie is married to Beatrice and Beatrice's sister is Nancy, Catherine's mum. ...read more.


This is effective because it gives us the idea that there more than just uncle and niece. Eddie is stunned by the way Catherine looks. In this scene (Scene 1) it seems that Eddie has Catherine wrapped round his little finger. When he asks her to turn around, she does it although then a bit later Eddie upsets Catherine. This makes the audience think that there relationship has its ups and down. One second Eddies as happy as can be, then His mood drops and he becomes moody. Throughout the play Beatrice and Catherine are often trying to cheer Eddie up when he's down. Throughout this scene Eddie is over protective and doesn't want Catherine too leave. When she announces to him that she's been offered a job he tries to talk her out of it. It blames his not wanting her to go on the neighbourhood the job is in and the people who she'll be working with. He tries everything he can to stop her from going even though she was picked from her class to take the job. Then Beatrice comes along and tries to get Eddie to change his mind. Beatrice says "with sympathy but insistent force" that he will never let her go. ...read more.


In this scene Eddie can't take it when he can't get Roldolpho done for anything so there's only one thing he can do. Report them. Arthur Millar shows how strong Eddies feeling for Catherine throughout the play. If Eddie didn't have feeling for Catherine there would be no story in this play and Arthur Millar makes these feelings so strong. We can tell these feelings are so strong by the way Eddie acts. He's often trying to get rid of Rodolpho and even tries to prove he's gay by kissing him. This shows the audience that he won't stop at anything to get Catherine. In the end he ends up reporting them to the immigration bureau. This would a very hard thing to do because of the Italian loyalty to one an other but he doesn't care as long as he gets Catherine. Eddie is not entirely to blame for the tragedy at the end of the play. Catherine has some part as well because she acts like a child around Eddie. We learn that she "sits on the edge of bath tub talking to him when hes shavin in his underwear." Often in the play when Eddie comes back from work Catherine throws her self at him. Incest is shown effectively throughout this play by the fact that everything is kind of based upon it ...read more.

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