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A view from a bridge work book. coursecomprehension

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Dear Miss Fisher, I have finished reading a view from a bridge & put notes on the power point sheets however I then looked back on it & realised it was illegible! So I wrote it up here, is that ok I'm sorry for the inconvenience, & it won't happen again. Sorry again, Daisy :) A view from the bridge. 15th September. Research tasks: Who was Arthur Miller? Find autobiographical information about the playwright. Arthur Miller, playwright from New York, became a journalist, worked with Italian immigrants during WWII. Which gave him an outlook Into the Sicilian dreams & inspiration for "A View From The Bridge." Miller's first play flopped, but his second; "All My Sons" was a massive success. He divorced his first wife in 1961 & married Marilyn Munroe, the reason for this is unknown as apparently they were never really in love & divorced in 1963, it is thought Monroe married him for intelligence & milled married Monroe for beauty, Miller then wrote a play "After The Fall" that is thought to be based on their relationship. Miller died in 2005. Which other plays has Arthur miller written? Do they have any common themes? "After The Fall", "The Prince", "The Archbishop's Ceiling", "The Clock", "Broken Glass", "All My Sons", "Death Of A Salesman", "Crucible". A common theme of Arthur Miller's play was the examining of an individual in relation to their authority; this means the plays are often considered political. Where is Brooklyn? What was it like in the 1940's? Who lived & worked there? What sort of environment was it? ...read more.


as she is that respect seems die later in the play but if she were to stand up to him I feel she would be more helpful & they would have a stronger relationship. Do you think Eddie's advice is justified? Eddie's advice to an extent is justified he does know more about the docks & the area than his daughter & what the men at the docks say, however he doesn't know as much as he thinks. He undermines Catherine believing she is still a baby, & I don't think he has much respect for her instead I feel he has a certain protection. I think as well as that he made a promise to Catherine's biological mother to keep her safe so he would feel as though he's betraying his family. What might happen to Eddie? Any problems with his behaviour so far? Warning signs? Note down the quotations. At the beginning of the play we see Eddie very edgy about what has happened to Vinny, a boy who ratted on his uncle to the immigration, we also are introduced to Eddie by quite a glum character stating his different story & we get a small outlook into his ultimately deadly fate. Eddie & Beatrice discuss Catherine 'over her head,' talking about her & not to her. How does this affect the way that we view Catherine? I think Eddie & Beatrice discussing Catherine over her head shows that she has been treated as a child for a long time & that is why now she acts that way at an older age, this also shows the ignorance of Eddie. ...read more.


The second way I feel we foresee Eddie's end is how his respect deteriorates through out the play & his jealousy & envy gain. I think he has lost the respect of his wife when the sexual side of their relationship died, as she undermines him when talking about Catherine. He then feels he has lost the respect of his friends Louis & Mike over the sexuality of Rodolfo, & how hard Marco works in comparison to him. After all this he loses respect from Catherine when he is drunk & tries to fight Rodolfo, who is a bigger man & does not retaliate. He then begins to see Alfieri & finally calls immigration. This is where all his respect for himself & from his family is gone. The envy that builds up against Rodolfo & Marco through out the play shows Eddie falling down a slippery slope until he becomes so distracted he seems to pull away from friends, Mike & Louis. Miller portrays this well especially when Rodolfo & he first meet & he ends up seemingly to refuse to speak to Rodolfo & only to Marco. We realise by Eddie's reaction to Rodolfo how emotionally unstable he is & how he makes massive accusations & allegations so easily. Miller uses all of theses things to subtly show how the deterioration of Eddie & how he eventually meets his fate, Miller use characters to show how jealous Eddie is they are portrayed in a normal light to the audience yet Eddie feels hate for them almost naturally & in the end he dies an unhappy angry man, who has through out the play fallen apart. A view from the bridge. Miss Fisher Daisy Wright English 10B ...read more.

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