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a view from the bridge

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Essay title: 'Analyse the scene at the end of act one of 'a view from the bridge' and demonstrate how author miller makes it dramatically exiting. In this essay, I will analyse the scenes at the end of act 1 and I will also look at the interaction between Eddie, Marco and Rodolfo. I will talk to you about the language used in the play. The scene at the end of act 1 is introduced by the lawyer Mr. Alfieri who creates a mood of apprehension in the audience when he says, "there are times when you want to spread an alarm, but nothing has happened". This suggests Eddie doesn't have anything go on about, he didn't commit any crime but he can feel in his heart that something dreadful is going to happen. The next thing Alfieri says" I could see every step coming, step after step, like a dark figure walking down a hall, toward a door". Alfieri uses repetition step after step this suggest that something strange is going to happen in the future, this means he can see every step that is appearing in Eddie's life. ...read more.


stand to be corrected by Rodolfo the reason for this is because Eddies is from the same background and country this also shows us that Rodolfo is proud of this country and willing to defend his country. When Beatrice tells Eddie off in front off the family the audience would feel concerned as this will only make it worse for Eddie and make him even angrier and will increase the tension in the scene. Eddie starts to be sarcastic with Marco and making nasty jokes at Marco's expense "I betcha there's plenty surprise sometimes when those guys get back there, heh?" but Marco doesn't know what his on about, so Marco says "what surprise" Eddie says "I mean, you know-they count the kids and there's a couple extra then when they left" Eddie thinks that Marco's wife is being unfaithful and he also thinks that when Marco goes back home he will have few more kids. Eddie "rises and paces up and down" this shows us that Eddie has bottled up his feelings inside. He feels pain, inside him because he likes Catherine which he can't have because it's his niece. ...read more.


When Marco lefts the chair with one hand behind his back and keeps it holding, shows us how strong Marco is and his also challenges Eddie to do the same but Eddie was unable to do so which shows us that Marco is more stronger then Eddie. This made Eddie think that he aint the only strong man in the household this made Eddie more endangered and scared of Marco. In conclusion I think at the begging of the play every think went well until Rodolfo came to Eddie's house, Catherine started to like Rodolfo and they started going out but Eddie didn't like the fact that they're going out because Eddie likes Catherine so Eddie didn't have no choice but to get revenge on Rodolfo because Catherine is like a daughter to him even though she is his niece. Eddie treats Catherine as a baby even though Catherine was 17 years old but Eddie didn't not want to let go of her, he always wanted the best of her and Eddie wanted her to stay next to him. Eddie went to Alfieri asking for help but didn't have no legal answer for him and the only thing Alfieri told Eddie was to let her go so Eddie had no choice but to let her go. ...read more.

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