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A View From The Bridge – Coursework

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Kayleigh Cartwright 10JGu Coursework A View From The Bridge - Coursework Alfieri comments that Eddie has "allowed himself to be wholly known." Discuss the dramatic techniques used by Miller, which reveal the complexity of Eddie Carbone to the audience by the end of the play. The play "A View from the Bridge" is set in Red Hook, Brooklyn, in the 1950's. The main character, Eddie Carbone, lives with his wife, Beatrice, and his 17year old niece (who he has brought up as his daughter) Catherine. Eddie is a typical 1950's man. He works as a longshoreman whilst making sure his wife stays at home, taking the role of 'the little housewife', and that his 'daughter' goes to school to get a good education. Miller had put these characters into the setting he did, because the feeling of being in control and being 'the man of the house' is important to Eddie, and also Red Hook is an area in Brooklyn which has it's own morals, and certain ways in which people act, and live their lives. The area of Red Hook is Italian-American, and therefore has very strict Catholic morals, values, and social conventions. Miller uses the idea of Greek tragedy to give us an insight into what is going to happen towards the end of the play. ...read more.


Catherine loves Eddie very much, but is surprised when she realises he feels the way he does about her and when his jealousy of Rodolpho is made clear. He obviously feels very mixed up because he shows his feelings towards Katy, and his jealousy, by kissing both Catherine and Rodolpho on the lips, to prove Rodolpho's 'sexuality'. Rodolpho tries extremely hard to get on with, and keep peace with Eddie, whilst Eddie doesn't seem to want to notice his efforts, but to just try to put him down, and not really give him chance. Rodolpho is very young and typically na�ve. Because of this sense on naivety, Eddie seems to take advantage of his situation, without Rodolpho noticing what Eddie is actually referring to. Eddie decided from the very first minute he saw Rodolpho that he didn't look Italian and because he was typically young and boisterous. Kayleigh Cartwright 10JGu Eddie particularly didn't like the fact the Catherine had put on high heels on in the house, just to make a good impression on a young man (Rodolpho) - EDDIE "What's the high heels for Garbo?" CATHERINE "I figured for tonight- "Do me a favour will you? Go ahead." Rodolpho tries to keep peace the whole way through the play, just to keep Catherine happy, even after Eddie had 'snitched' to the immigration officers" He has the instinct to go with family and cultural morals, but he ...read more.


In a sense, Alfieri is the stability the audience needs throughout the play, to teach the people that this sort of thing actually happened, and that it isn't just 'a fairy story some guy made up off the top of his head'. The only character in "A View from the Bridge" that speaks in correct, educated American English is Alfieri. Eddie and Catherine use a lot of slang-language, picked up along with a heavy Brooklyn accent. They say things such as 'yeah' instead of yes, and 'stole' instead of stolen. Rodolpho and Marco have the typical 'foreign' use of English, by missing letters out of words, and using a singular word in place of its plural. Although they both speak this way, Rodolpho does more than Marco, as Marco is careful of his speech, and thinks about what he says before he says it, whereas Rodolpho just speaks without thinking. Personally, I think the main problem in the play is Eddie's jealousy, and his problem with constantly thinking he is being betrayed. He thinks Catherine is betraying him by marrying someone he doesn't approve of, and he feels Beatrice is betraying him, by letting her go through with it. I thoroughly enjoyed watching and reading the play, "A View from the Bridge". It brought a different culture across that I had never experienced before. ...read more.

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