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A View From The Bridge

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A View From The Bridge. "Whatever happened we all done it and don't you ever forget it." The play A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller is set in New York in the 1950s. During this period of time there were many illegal immigrants from Eastern Europe moving in to America. This was due to the depression caused by the Second World War. The depression caused a lack of work, many people started to migrate to America where there were many jobs. Due to the mass immigration America started to restrict the number of people gaining citizenship and made it illegal to house immigrants. The story is set around Eddie Carbone, an Italian immigrant who has citizenship in America. His character is introduced to the reader as a very nice man. He works on the piers near Brooklyn Bridge as a longshoreman. You can see that he is hard working, reliable and brings home his pay to his family. He is a caring person as he agreed to look after his wife's sister's daughter, Catherine. Even though he is an American he still lives a life influenced by Italian culture. ...read more.


and "... You throw yourself at him like when you was twelve years old...". She did not act like a niece towards him and she did not give Beatrice and him space. Some times she acted more like a wife than a niece."... I can tell that he's hungry or wants a beer before he even says anything...". This also made Eddie feel closer to Catherine. Catherine's character was very weak. She lived most of her life living by the rules of Eddie and she did not sand up for herself. She also did not ask permission from Eddie before she stated going out with Rodolfo. She always lived in fear of Eddie which made him feel that he was the boss of her life. When she actually stood up for her self she acted bitterly towards him "... what're you scared of? He's a rat! He belongs in the sewer!". She forgets that Eddie has raised her and has looked after her since she was a baby. She also antagonises him by dancing with Rodolfo "... you want dance Rodolfo..." even though she knew Eddie would not approve. ...read more.


He did not accept her loving someone else except for him and he started to make Rodolfo sound bad. The main reason for his downfall was the way he kept his feelings a secret "...I mean like me I can't cook, I can't sing, I can't make dresses, so I'm on the water front. But if I could I could cook, If I could, sing, if I could make dresses I wouldn't be on the waterfront. (He has been unconsciously twisting he newspaper in to a tight roll. They are all regarding him now; he senses he is exposing the issue and he is driven on)..."The reader can tell what's going through his mind however the characters can't. Eddie also acted to drastically by reporting Marco and Rodolfo immigration. He could have resolved the matter calmly. In conclusion I think everyone was to blame for Eddie's downfall. Each person contributed to his actions and each character disrespected him. However I think that Eddie was the main person to blame. He didn't know the boundaries between him and Catherine. He also should have accepted that Catherine was in love with Rodolfo and not him. I also think that Eddie was unfair, he expected everyone else to live by Italian rules however he himself did not obey them by betraying his family. Priya Patel 10E ...read more.

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