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a view from the bridge

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A view from the bridge Miller creates an initial impression of Marco as a character who is likely to remain in the background while the main conflict between Rodolfo, Catherine and Eddie preoccupies the audiences focus. Marco's character before the end of act 1 is shown as the quiet older brother of Rodolfo he is seen only as a polite support character. Marco's politeness is portrayed when 'he kisses her hand', and he says 'Thank you', three times during his introduction towards Eddie and Beatrice. Marco is described as quiet and tender voiced and also displays high levels of courtesy by saying 'When you say go, we will go', and even asking 'with your permission, we will stay maybe a'. ...read more.


the chair legs, but does not raise it', then Marco "kneels, grasps, and with strain slowly raises the chair higher and higher' the audience at this time the audience see that this is no longer a game and that Marco has incredible strength, 'Rodolfo and Catherine have stopped dancing as Marco raises the hair over his head' Rodolfo and Catherine have begin to take note of Marco's insane strength and the audience see Marco as the main focus at this point then 'the chair is raised like a weapon over Eddie's head.' At this point the audience see that Marco does is not afraid of Eddie and will hurt him if he ever touches Rodolfo again, now the audiences see Marco as a ...read more.


Then Eddie 'raises the chair an inch but it leans over to the floor' Eddie has failed still thinking that this is a joke in response he says 'Gee that's hard, I never knew that' not realizing the meaning of this exercise Eddie 'tries again and again fails', Marco is then successful where Eddie failed to lift the chair and finally,' Marco is face to face with Eddie... Eddie's grin vanishes as he absorbs Marco's look'. The look that Eddie's absorbs is the look that he is losing and he is inferior he has been proven to be weak in comparison to Marco, and the look that says if you think you can hit my brother and get away with it your wrong. That looks of triumph and Eddie being weak. ...read more.

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