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A view from the Bridge A view from the bridge' is a modern day tragedy play written by an American playwright, Arthur Miller in the 1950. The play is based around the character of Eddie who begins as a good, honest, working class long shore man in one of New York migrant districts. He is a well respected man who is well known in the community as trustworthy. He cannot control his feelings for his niece, Catherine. However tensions flare with the arrival of his wife's cousins, Rodolpho and Marco, both of whom are illegal immigrants, brings about jealousy and anger that finally leads to Eddie's own death. Miller frames the story against a past war in New York where Italian migration was widespread. The play is set in Red Hook, Brooklyn, a very poor area, described by Alfieri as the slum that faces the bay of Brooklyn Bridge. Italy was a very poor country and after switching sides in the war and supporting the British, the Nazis took revenge. ...read more.


However, during the play, Eddie's starts to get inappropriate feelings towards Catherine. Eddies and Catherine's relationship changes from father and daughter to man and woman throughout the play, which we see through the way they talk to each other. For example when Catherine tells Eddie that she has found a new high paid job, Eddie tells her not to work there and to continue her studies because he does not want her to meet new men and strangers which could end up with them getting married. This change affects everybody around them and causes problems which ends in Eddie's death. As his feelings for Catherine become more intense, he does everything than he can to stop Rodolpho from marrying her. We sense Eddie's dislike of Rodolpho after he arrives because as Rodolpho was singing the "paper doll" song to Catherine, Eddie puts a stop to it, his face is "puffed with trouble". Eddie tries everything to make Rodolpho look stupid. For example, he takes fun out of Rodolpho's skills at cooking, singing and sewing, "he sings on the ships...Paper Doll they're calling him... ...read more.


In the Greek Tragedy a great character, tragic hero, experiences a downfall which was inventible just like Eddie Carbone in "AVFTB". Miller makes Eddie look like a hero because he was a man of good but his hideous acts made his reputation go down which made him a tragic hero. Alfieri says to Eddie that he is on a particular course, and here is no return, "His eyes were like tunnels". This links to the Greek Tragedy because the main character is represented as something which was broken in society where people commit murder, and had to be removed for the society to be fixed again. Only God could remove and fix the problem and no one else. In conclusion I would say many things are to blame for Eddie's downfall. Eddie's love for Catherine is a reason for Eddie's downfall in society. Eddie being jealous of Rodolpho and phoning the immigration bureau to snitch on their illegal immigration made Eddie fall in Beatrice and Catherine's eyes. Fate was the main thing to blame for Eddie's downfall because he could do nothing to stop as it was destiny, only God could. ?? ?? ?? ?? Khilen Khilochia - 10JB ...read more.

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