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A view from the bridge

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The view from the bridge Arthur miller wrote this play "The view from the bridge". And the play is set in the 1950s. And it is about emigration. The main characters in this play are Eddie carbone, Catherine, Beatrice, Rodolfo, Marco and Alfieri. Eddie carbone is a longshoreman working the docks he is in his forty's. He is bosky slightly overweight. Catherine is Eddie's niece she is 17 years old. Beatrice is Eddie's wife Rodolpho and Marco are brothers and are Beatrice's cousins Alfieri is Eddie's lawyer The play is about some Italian people from Scilly want to emigrate in America e-legally. ...read more.


He treats her like a small child. He does not what to let her go; he does not want her to attract attention. "Catherine, I don't want to be a pest, but I am tellin you, you're walking wavy" Eddie does not want Catharine to attract any other men. Because he loves her himself, ever more then a nice. This is why he is overprotecting her. Arthur Miller uses stage directions to create a tense change in atmosphere. The stage directions in the chair-lifting scene demonstrate increasing tension. ...read more.


Eddie made him angered by calling the immigration officers "Immigration! Open up in there!" Eddie couldn't have called the immigration officers because Italian people are spose it keep this e-legally emigration a secret. So that is why Marco's behaviour changes and fights with Eddie. "Animal! You go on your knees to me!" Through Eddie's over-protective feelings for Catherine, The stage directions, and Marco's change in behaviour, Arthur miller creates a change in atmosphere. The result of the change is the creation of the tension the chair-lifting scene prepares the audience for the conflict between Eddie and Marco that is ultimately responsible for Eddie's death. ...read more.

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