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A View from the Bridge

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A View from the Bridge In 1947 Arthur Miller was carrying out the research on the lives and work of longshoremen. He was told on interesting story during this time about longshoremen's who had ratted to the Immigration Bureau on two brothers, his own relatives, who were living illegally in is very home, in order to break an engagement between on of them and his niece. It is not surprising that eight years later in 1955 the play ''A View from the Bridge'' is produced. However, it is the development of the relationship between the longshoremen, Eddie and his niece, Catherine, which in my first act is going to be my focus. In this paragraph my focus will be on the social context of the play which outlines the story, discusses performance and examines the characters in detail. Eddie has promised Catherine's mother on her deathbed, that he will stand up as a father for Catherine and also be responsible for her, this may support the reason Catherine and Eddie living together. Catherine's performance doesn't make her ''Eddie's baby'' anymore, when Catherine runs her hand over the skirt and this is not what a child does. ...read more.


However, the songs lyrics are very similar to the situation in this family at the moment. The song ''Paper Doll'' which Rodolfo sings suggests the idea that Eddie loves Catherine which is not his own, also other fellows can steel her from Eddie when she goes to work. At this stage Eddie gets angry and tries to stop Rodolfo singing. However, Catherine being so involved by his singing and she is already started to move from Eddie to Rodolfo, as we can see when Catherine says ''Leave him finish, it's beautiful! He's terrific! It's terrific, Rodolfo.'' Catherine feels very embarrassed when Eddie says ''what's the high heels for, Garbo?''. (Page 21, line 34) Eddie doesn't like when Catherine is wearing the high heels, it attracts sexually and he says to take them of. In my opinion, Eddie has been threatened by Rodolfo because everything that Eddie does, Catherine is still on Rodolfo's site. Eddie tries to shows Rodolfo to Catherine and other members in the family, as he can't do anything what a real man does. In the way, Eddie tries to portray Rodolfo as a homosexual. In Eddie's opinion, only women cook and go to theatres, not real men. ...read more.


However, he makes a promise to Alfieri. On the day of the wedding, Beatrice wants to go with Catherine to the church, but Eddie says to Beatrice ''didn't you hear what I told you? You walk out that door to that wedding you ain't comin' back here, Beatrice''. Catherine is angry at Eddie and therefore says to Beatrice ''how can you listen to him? That rat!'' Rodolfo arrives to take Catherine to the church; he says that Marco is at the church praying. Eddie wants to get with Marco, for ruining his good name in front of neighbourhood. Beatrice then tries to calm him, and says to him ''you want somethin' else, Eddie, and you can never have her!'' Eddie's reaction to this is shocked and this truth frustrates Eddie even more. Marco arrives, shouting Eddie's name. Eddie goes to meet him in the street and asks public apology. As a substitute, Marco calls him an ''anima-a-a-l!''. Eddie draws a knife but Marco is able to grip Eddie's wrist and turn the knife on Eddie himself. Eddie's last words were ''My B.!'' and he dies in Beatrice's arms. From this ending, I can conclude that in my opinion, Eddie's death was useless and it was his own fault. Eddie believed himself that he was seeing the truth although we, the audience saw how wrong he was. By Beata 11JB ...read more.

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