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A View from the Bridge

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A View from the Bridge The concluding scene of Act 1 (when Marco and Eddie face each other while Marco is holding the chair by one leg) is a tense and dramatic moment in the play. It is a forewarning of the confrontation between Eddie and Marco at the end of the play. Discuss the significance of this scene in terms of: * The tension between characters leading to this moment. * The themes in the play. * The staging of the scene and how it is linked to the other dramatic moments. * The dramatic effects of this scene on the audience. The play A View from the bridge, by Arthur miller in 1955, is about the immigrant Italian community where characters are in a tragic conflict with each other. The play is full of suspense which puzzles and mystifies the audience to specify the principle reason behind the death of Eddie Carbone. As such, the audience becomes bewildered to opt out who is to be blamed for such a tragic and immature death of a character, Eddie Carbone. ...read more.


When Eddie offers to teach Rodolfo boxing where he ends up hitting Rodolfo quite hard, it is another conflict, which is conveyed through his action. This tells us that Eddie is trying to release all his anger upon Rodolfo. The reason behind the antagonism of Eddie is because he is jealous of the way Rodolpho is acquiring Catherine's affections. Thus, we see that the arrival of Rodolfo brings out Eddie's possessive attitude towards Catherine. This brings forward his unpleasant attitude towards his niece as well. Essentially, Eddie would have blamed anyone who fell in love with Catherine. Hence, the origin of the conflicts between the characters can be examined to find out who plays the significant part in such conflicts. The principle reason behind all the conflicts is Eddie's grudge. This stems from Eddie's ill will against Rodolfo. He cannot bear the relationship between Rodolfo and his niece, for whom he maintains a secret desire -something that would be unacceptable in their community. Therefore, he becomes furious when he observes that Rodolfo and Catherine are dancing in front of him. ...read more.


This gives the audience an impression that the characters are in a severe spar. The play introduces the main themes when Eddie tells the story of Vinny Bolzano, where a nephew breaks the community law by letting the immigration know about his illegally smuggled uncle. It tells the audience what is the outcome of breaking the community law. This is a crucial part of the play, as this is what awaits Eddie as we discover in due course of the play. The concluding scene of Act 1 I think is tense and dramatic because one of the most vital parts of the play is highlighted. I think that the stage directions in the play are very successful, as it conveys the tense moments appropriately. By and large, we find the play is full of conflicts and tensions which turn the play into a tragic ending. The tension and conflict at the end of the play is finalized by Eddie himself in his death. Thus, Eddie becomes the victim of his own deed or alternatively the knife he tries to use against Marco becomes a boomerang what ironically attacks the thrower himself. ?? ?? ?? ?? Junayed Hussain Page 1 ...read more.

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