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A view from the bridge

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How Arthur miller creates tension in the final scene of act 1 in a view from the bridge. This play was written in red hook, Brooklyn. The background conflict of the play concerns Eddie's overprotection and obsession with his niece Catherine. There is also tension with his marriage to Beatrice. When Beatrice's Italian cousins, who are illegal immigrants, arrive in America the life of the Carbone's family change forever. This happens because Catherine is attracted to one of Beatrice's cousins Rodolfo. Miller uses this dramatic device to build up tension. Eddie went to see Alfieri a local lawyer who tells Eddie about his feelings for Catherine which Eddie denies. "Eddie she can't marry you can, can she?" Eddie goes home with fury after speaking to Alfieri. ...read more.


Catherine draws attention to herself by asking Rodolfo to dance. Eddie is angry because no one is focusing their attention to him again and he always wants to be in control, so he criticises Rodolfo and indirectly says he is not a real man "that's why the water front is no place for him. While Eddie was saying this his body language shows Eddie is angry " [he has been unconsciously twisting the newspaper...he has bent the rolled paper and it suddenly tears in two]." Eddie mentions boxing matches and he suggests taking Rodolfo and Marco to a boxing match. Catherine is very happy with this news so she goes to make coffee. Eddie advises her to "to make it nice and strong." Miller succeeds by using Eddie to try intimidating Rodolfo through a boxing lesson. ...read more.


This particular scene has brought the play to a very tense and climaxed moment, because the characters are trying to control their emotions. Miller develops conflict between the characters in the final scene of act one in this play using stage directions e.g."[he kneels, grasps, and with strain slowly raises the chair]." He uses other techniques like dialogue, subtexts, facial expression and body language. There are several flashpoints where the tension is really high and miller uses Beatrice to reduce the tension. However the chair-lifting contest is he most dramatic in act1 because it is at the end, marco takes control. Miller uses facial expressions and body language to create tension in this scene." face to face with Eddie a strained tension gripping his eyes and jaw." This is how miller creates tension in the final scene of act one in a view from the bridge. ...read more.

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