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A View From The Bridge

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Coursework Essay Explore how Arthur Miller develops the character of Eddie Carbone in three key episodes in "A View from the Bridge'' Arthur Miller worked on the Brooklyn docks amongst many longshoremen and dockers such as Eddie Carbone. Working on the docks was a significant time in Arthur Miller's life because that's where he met Italian American immigrants which inspired him to write "A View from the Bridge.'' Arthur Miller creates Eddie Carbone's character like a Modern Greek Tragic hero because when the play starts the audience respects and admires his character. He is loving to his wife and protective of his niece. But as the play continues you start to see the real Eddie Carbone unfold. The audience's first impression of Eddie Carbone is a very honourable person who has pride in his niece. He is quite concerned about her sexuality, for example he says to her "your walkin wavy" and "heads are turning like windmills." He is concerned because he wants to protect Catherine and feels that she is sexually vulnerable. Eddie also demonstrates concern for his wife. He says that she has "too big a heart". ...read more.


He has lost control over Catherine, which considering his obsessive protectiveness he cannot bear. The last scene of Act One Miller also establishes a very dramatic atmosphere. Because of Eddie's increasingly frenzied personality it makes the other characters wary of him, for example he keeps on repeating himself which could be a sign of madness his psychological breakdown. It unsettles and alarms the other characters. We have a constant sense that he is volatile and unpredictable. Furthermore, when Marco "raises" the chair like a "weapon" above his head Miller symbolises Eddie's loss of power and control. It is clear that another man has entered his house and beaten him at his own game. At the start of Act Two you can clearly see how Miller has chosen to develop Eddie's flaws. He portrays Eddie's hatred for Rodolpho as he says to Catherine that she cannot leave the apartment with "that" indicating Rodolpho. Referring to Rodolpho as "that" implies that he thinks he is superior to Rodolpho just because he's an illegal Immigrant. Furthermore, the use of the word "that" suggests he is only a detestable object. ...read more.


As soon as Eddie realises what they were doing he slightly jerks his arms, it shows what he now understands is unbearable to him. In conclusion, Arthur Miller could have developed Eddie's character for a didactic purpose. Most Greek tragedies have a didactic purpose to show the audience to never reveal our deepest desires and to maintain our composure. You can tell that Eddie could be a didactic figure because in Alfieri's last speech he states "most of the time now we settle for half". He could be saying that Eddie was asking for too much from Catherine, but Alfieri could mean that we shouldn't ask for too much when we can't be satisfied so we should just settle for half. However, in Greek tragedies the tragic hero commits an offence and is supposed to learn from his mistake but still suffers from it, therefore moral order is restored. In the last scene this was very strongly portrayed, as it was his own knife, in his own hands that was plunged into his chest. This shows that all the things he done wrong was of his own doing. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 By Attaullah Mirlashari ...read more.

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