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A view from the bridge

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A view from the bridge At the beginning of the scene Beatrice and Catherine are attempting to make the atmosphere relaxed, by diverting the conversation away from Rodolfo, onto subjects that they believe will not give Eddie any reason to confront Rodolfo. Eddie however is unable to restrain from showing his contempt for Rodolfo. He does this by shouting at Rodolfo because Rodolfo said lemons are green' which is not even remotely offensive to anyone. Eddie replies by saying 'for Christ's sake' this suggests that eddies is annoyed that Rodolfo who he regards as an inferior corrected him this is because 'for Christ's sake' is a religious swearword. Beatrice reacts to this situation by again changing the conversation to another subject. Eddie then begins to antagonize Marco by suggesting that his wife may have been un-loyal to him. Eddie does this by saying ' I betcha there's plenty of surprises'. Marco responds to this situation by showing his confidence and trust in his wife he says 'no no the women wait'. Eddie shows his anger towards Rodolfo by pouncing on the situation. On the previous page Rodolfo says ' its more strict in our town it's not so free'. ...read more.


The effect of eddies punching of Rodolfo is that become certain that something big will happen soon because they realize the true hatred inside Eddie. When Marco challenges Eddie to lift up the chair Eddie reacts by taking marco's challenge as a joke . the audience however realize that marco is trying to tell eddie that although he respects him when it comes down to the wire blood is thicker then water and that he will not hesitate to defend his brother Rodolfo. The action on page 42 reflects the change of power in the carbone household because the carbone household now ujnderstand that Marco is the most powerful person in the house. Miller ends act 1 in what is a fundamental scene of the play this is because it shows the transfer of power. Also this scene is important because it ends in a sort of mini-cliffhanger which increases the audience's expectations that something will happen when the curtains rise again. The immediate simmilarites between the ends of act 1 and act 2 is that in both of them eddie is defeated by marco. In act 1 Marco lifts the chair high over his head whilst Eddie cannot even lift it off the floor and in act 2 Marco uses the power he displays in act 1 to kill Eddie even when he was at a disadvantage. ...read more.


The climax of the play shows us the themes of the play. One of the most significant themes comes out through Alfieri's prolog 'there were many justly shot by un-just men' this statement tells us that the law on some occasions slows done justice. The climax of the play satisfies the audience's expectations because the audience realizes through Alfieri's prolog that Eddie will die this is because of the statement 'this one was Eddie carbine'. Miller decides to end the play when he does because all the way through the story has been manly about Eddie and that now that he has gone there is no point to go on. Another possible reason is due to the emotions of the audience and the characters, the helpless and the sadness just before the wedding this makes it an appropriate time for the story to finish because it gives space for the imagination. From this play I have learnt about miller's skill as a dramatist. Miller's style is so effective because of the way that every word and scene is used in a way that will increase the tension. The prolog is effective because it for sees what will happen in the remainder of the play. In my opinion this play is effective because is effective because it portrays real life situations which could happen in this day and age. By Osman Ajmal Sunday 10th April 2005 ...read more.

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