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A View from the bridge

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Explore the means by which Arthur Miller dramatizes the changing relationship between Eddie and Catherine A view from the bridge is a play about two illegal immigrants from Sicily. Eddie agrees to shelter them as they are his wife's cousins. Trouble begins when his wife's niece Catherine is attracted to one of the illegal immigrants, Rodolfo, which changes the relationship between Eddie and Catherine. I am going to explore the ways Arthur Miller dramatizes the changing relationship between Eddie and Catherine. Eddie Carbone has brought up his wife's orphaned niece, Catherine, since she was a baby (the audience doesn't find out about this until much later on in the play) and has been a Father-figure to her. He has kept the promise he made to Catherine's mother on her deathbed and Eddie understands he is responsible for her. However when we are introduced to Catherine, very early on in the play, it is clear that she is a grown woman. (Running her hands over her skirt) 'I just got it, you like it?'. And it is Catherine's new maturity that leads to the tragic ending. Catherine is eager for Eddies approval of her new skirt as well as wanting him to be pleased about a job which she has just been offered. ...read more.


Eddie makes a comment about Rodolfo through Marco 'You know what I mean, Marco? It ain't much different here' and 'You understand me, don't you Marco?' He is trying to warn Rodolfo off having a relationship with Catherine by making his points directly through Marco(which Rodolfo can hear) because he knows Marco would agree with him as Eddie feels he is a real man. Eddie cannot understand how Catherine can like him. Eddie tries to find faults with Rodolfo in an attempt to try and put Catherine off him rather than admit his own feelings towards her. Catherine's love for Eddie is still the innocent affection of a daughter for a Father, even though Eddie would like the love to be different however Eddie doesn't admit this nor does he really know how strong his love for Catherine is. Catherine is upset that Eddie doesn't like Rodolfo and he tries many times to make them become friends 'I'll make some coffee, all right?' She is trying to calm down the whole situation between Rodolfo and Eddie by offering to make them coffee but this is to no avail as Rodolfo and Eddie start boxing shortly afterwards and this is when Catherine's patience begins to ware out with Eddie. ...read more.


Their relationship keeps on becoming further and further apart and by the end of Act 2 she seems to have broken all emotional ties with Eddie. Her innocent love for him has turned into hate as she calls him a rat and is prepared never to see him again. 'He's a rat! He belongs in the sewer' and. 'In the garbage he belongs'. At the climax of the play, when Rodolfo turns the knife into Eddie, Catherine tells him, as he dies, she didn't mean Eddie no harm. 'I never meant to do nothing bad to you'. This quotation could be turned around as Eddie didn't want anything bad to happen to Catherine, but his shameful feelings towards her caused pain for everyone. As a conclusion Eddies shameful love for Catherine proved to be his downfall. The reader may feel some disgust at Eddie for the way he has behaved but it is difficult to blame him. He has been driven by an obsession that seems impossible to control. It is obvious that in his final moments he has accepted his fate. Eddie engineered his own death at the hands of Marco in order to regain some dignity before allowing himself to die and ending the terrible time that he had created for himself. ...read more.

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